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By: Matweb  06-Dec-2011
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You can incorporate a proprietary version of the MatWeb search engine and data architecture into your own Web site or your internal network for your own data.

MatWeb can help your company with its material data management problems, whether your business is the manufacturing/sales of engineering materials or an end user of raw materials. MatWeb has the materials experience and the software/programming expertise to meet a range of needs.

Online Product Selector

Technically-savvy engineers, designers, molders, and machinists often use the Internet as their primary source of information for materials specification. MatWeb has licensed our online product selection tools to our clients' web sites for this very purpose for over seven years. Your old and new customers can use these tools to search datasheets by several methods, including numerical property-based or text-based criteria. We have invested a lot of effort to create our data search architecture and data sheet collection and can easily adapt its look and feel to match our clients' web sites - at a far lower cost than writing new code. We are also committed to continuous improvements in our tools that our clients also enjoy.

Keywords (such as applications, processing methods, or composition) will allow your customers to access information quickly with a minimum of decisions on their part.  Property specification searches allow users with a more technical background to locate materials by simultaneously specifying ranges for multiple properties (such as melting point, tensile strength, and CTE) into which the desired product must fall.  Many different product grades can be selected and compared in a single table. You will also use this database structure to ease your tech support burden by answering routine requests for data and MSDS's.  Finally, updates to your information are handled with an absolute minimum of effort - one change to the underlying data will relieve you from making multiple revisions across several pages on the Web.

Data Sheet Management

Materials producers will benefit from using MatWeb’s data architecture to serve as a central repository for technical data sheets. This central database, located on an internal network or on a secure Internet server, allows a consistent interface for maintenance, addition, printing, and searching for technical property data. A single change to the central database will propagate through the web site, sales support resources, product pdfs, and xml feeds to customers. Duplicate human effort and the possibility of inconsistent information within the company are eliminated. Different access levels permit the appropriate level of control…view, edit, administer. Obsolete or customer-specific data sheets can be maintained separately in the system along with the current product line. All of MatWeb’s search tools are available to sales staff and customers when property-based or text-based product selection is required.

Manufacturing Product Life Cycle

The MatWeb data architecture can be used to provide your company with the appropriate tools to leverage the material data, personnel knowledge, and inventory systems already established. The end result is a reduction in your company's product development time, cost savings, and faster time to market. This product is applicable across all company sizes and industries - aerospace, automotive, medical device, electronics, etc. We call this new product the MatWeb Corporate Edition or simply MatWeb CE.

MatWeb CE brings the ease of data maintenance and the powerful search capabilities to bear upon all of the various data archives that accumulate over time. You benefit from the software and skills of the MatWeb team as you collect all of your proprietary data in one spot. Engineers no longer need to hunt through a maze of file cabinets and personal computers to find data, costly re-testing of material property values is averted, and product failures can be avoided through the use of a single set of design data across your entire organization. A wealth of data mining possibilities present themselves, especially through the tracking of lot-to-lot variations from raw materials to finished products.

We can host such a database or maintain it within your internal network. Your company data's sensitive data will be maintained with access can be controlled on a 'need-to-know' basis. Authorship of data is established so authenticated criteria is available to all.

About Our Company

Our staff members hold advanced degrees and possess industrial experience in materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemistry in addition to computer science.  We developed MatWeb to capitalize on our database and networking experience coupled with our own need for a quick and accurate source of hard technical data.  We have worked in Fortune 500 engineering design and R&D as well as computer networking, databases, and programming.  We feature reliable servers with redundant backup systems and 24 hour paging for unforeseen problems.  Our combination of materials engineering and computer experience makes ACI the right choice for your Internet services.

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Material Supplier Listings: MatWeb's supplier listings are especially effective for suppliers and manufacturers who desire to reach users who are in the materials selection process because they are tied to specific data sheets within MatWeb. Technically-savvy engineers, designers, molders, and machinists now use the Internet as their primary source of information for materials specification.


Distribute Technical Data Sheets Online

We don't charge manufacturers/suppliers/compounders to add their technical data because of the mutually beneficial nature of the relationship: we want MatWeb to be current and comprehensive as possible and partner companies benefit by getting added exposure for their products.


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Its wealth of information, ease of use and unique services make it an essential tool for decision makers in R&D, purchasing, production, maintenance etc. DirectIndustry ensures comprehensive product updates in categories such as materials, chemicals, adhesives, machine-tools, mechanical components, etc. DirectIndustry - Virtual Industrial Exhibition Available in 5 languages, DirectIndustry is the most visited industrial exhibition online.


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Your 24 hour a day presence on the Internet gives you an around-the-clock sales staff, tech support on-demand for your LAST customer, and a constant world-wide billboard to attract your NEXT customer. No custom software company understands your engineering materials business and customers better than MatWeb. Let MatWeb help to create or augment your Internet presence.