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By: Tasman Glass  06-Dec-2011
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Tasman Glass - Part of The National Glass Group - South Island - New Zealand

ThermaTech double glazed units are exclusively manufactured by Tasman Glass. Designed specifically for the harsh and often extreme climate of the South Island these units can substantially reduce heat loss in winter and over heating in summer.  ThermaTech makes your home warmer, drier and healthier - and still looks great.


New double glazing

Including ThermaTech into your building plans is the most cost effective and efficient way to enjoy the benefits of double glazed units. Involving Tasman Glass at the initial stages also ensures the aesthetics and spirit of your design remain true.

Retro double glazing

For those wanting to gain all the benefits of modern technology while remaining true to an older buildings original design.  A retro-fit is the perfect blend of old meets new, a combination that creates an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and beautiful building.

Planitherm double glazing

A Planitherm Low E solution gives you twice the thermal performance over standard double glazing, with absolutely no haze effect to disturb your view. Planitherm is exclusive to Tasman Glass.


What is double glazing?

Thermatech double glazing from Tasman Glass consists of 2 or more panes of glass separated by an aluminium spacer - bonded together to form a completely sealed unit. While heat and cold pass through a single pane of glass, ThermaTech traps a layer of air (or Argon gas) between 2 panes, thus reducing heat transfer from inside to outside (winter), and outside to inside (summer). Double glazing is an environmentally friendly way to reduce your energy bills and lessen your contribution to global warming.  Specifying Planitherm Low E Glass and Argon gas will further increase the efficiency and benefits of your ThermaTech units. Using Chromatech warm edge spacers also maximises efficiency. We know it can be very confusing so to discuss or find out more about what double glazing is best for you.

Keywords: Glazing

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