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By: Fairbourne Estate  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Wine, Sauvignon Blanc

Fairbourne sales director Russell Hooper has worked for the past fifteen years or so in the export markets with New Zealand wine. So it seemed natural that when he and wife, Sarah Inkersell, commenced their own wine company, Fairbourne Estate, that the sales would be to the export market. But it got to a point when a New Zealand route to market was desired to satisfy the growing list of inquiry from NZ buyers. A trip down memory lane to a time when supermarkets couldn’t sell wine brought an old client to the fore, who was by now considerably older, a client who may be open to hear our story and our aspirations and give some support to the retail presence of Fairbourne and Two Tails.

So, on my way through Sydney airport, I called Rumble in downtown Wellington and said I was coming through town in about four hours and had an hour to spare, could he see me and listen to a wee sales pitch? Not one for cold calls, I think Rumble liked the fact that I was calling him from Aussie, already an investment in him. So I was selling Sauvignon Blanc big deal, so was every other rat squeaking down the steps to his cellar, what makes you so good? You got a new breed of cat??? Hard man that Rumble. But a man with integrity, a man with courage and he’s still there after all these years. He must be doing something right. He listened, he was open to trial and when the wines arrived for tasting a few days later, he was impressed.

So you don’t have cats? Actually we have two but they live miles from the winery. Pleased the Fairbourne wines had differences from the run of the mill pouring down the Wairau Valley, he said “We’ll give these a try. They are worth the money. Lucky you have a clever winemaking wife, you probably don’t have to pay her” and so he has gone and gone and gone with repeat orders and he pays on time. It has worked out very well. So now everybody in New Zealand who wants to buy Fairbourne and Two tails can do so through Rumbles, (

). He delivers and sells a whole range of excellent and interesting wines that you won’t see at many other stores in NZ. Mix up a case from his website and away you go. Too easy.

Keywords: Sauvignon Blanc, Wine