Organic Farming

By: Marlborough Tractors  05-Apr-2012
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Organic farming and viticulture

Chemical free farming is becoming a major consideration for New Zealand industry.

Marlborough Tractor Services recognises the importance of organic viticulture and is meeting this increasing demand with machinery that allows farmers of all types to farm their land chemically free and with minimal impact on the land. 

According to the Winefront Monthly (November December 2004) "Nature is just a giving process, which you can use well, or not well".   This statement reiterates the importance of treating nature respectfully in order to allow the land the ability to strengthen plants naturally and develop a great product be it wine, fruit, berries, animals or agricultural plants.  The theory being that by treating the land well, the end product will taste better.  Not forgetting also, that organic farming can also be a lot healthier on the bottom line!

Biodynamic farming is the process of creating a better 'emotional and agricultural' landscape using the soil, sun, air, moon and sky.  Of course, the theory of looking after your soil is not new and certainly not confined to Biodynamics - but it is good farming and people have been farming this way (chemically free) for centuries.  It is just that now, we are more aware of the need to look after our soils and allow them to keep doing what they do naturally if we are going to produce harvests that taste better and sell better.

Chemicals do have their place.  But within reason.  To be truely Biodynamic, which a lot of farmers are now, the belief is that chemicals are a viscious circle; chemical fertilisers make vines grow faster, in doing so making them water-thirsty and as a result weaker and more susceptible to disease which requires more chemical spray.  Chemicals destroy the natural ecology of the soil and once this happens more chemical fertiliser is required.  Biodynamic farmers believe that by getting rid of the chemicals you get rid of the pest and disease problems - Biodynamic farming is, in effect, itself a form of prevention.

While we obviously run a business that promotes chemical spray solutions it would be wrong of us to discount the benefits of organic farming and in particular Biodynamic farming.  We are all for assisting our clients to find ways to reduce their reliance on spray and we are working on a number of products that help us to do this.  The Galfre under-vine weeder being one such product.

Galfre under-vine weeder

The Galfre under-vine weeder is a ecological and innovative solution for organic farmers.  They enable you to weed your 'kill strip' and inbetween trees or wines in one go, without the use of chemicals.

Suited to a wide range of farming types including orchards, horticultural cultivation (cherry orchards etc), farming and viticulture.

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