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By: Marketvolume  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Stock Market, Technical Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

We have three different subscription packages. The main difference is the access to specific charts, technical studies and different chart features. Also, depending on the subscription package, you may or may not have access to certain reports, alerts, etc.

At MarketVolume® you get an accurate window on the market that you'll find nowhere else.

  1. More than a dozen unique technical indicators and studies that are based on our proprietary technology. We are the only provider of these unique studies:
    SBV, MVO, Advance/Decline Momentum indicators.. 
  2. We are the only source of more than 50 of the most popular technical indicators (studies) for US Indexes and Exchanges (Dow Jones, , , Russell 2000 and others) on an intraday level:
  3. Daily Market Outlook
  4. 100% Mechanical Daily AD Report
  5.  AND MUCH MORE ..

Market Volume's real time volume indicators remove the emotional factor from trading decisions. We are is the only service that brings you up-to-the-minute real time volume and advance/decline based technical analysis and information for all major stock market indexes.

Through the use of our exclusive on-demand, state-of-the-art technology, we offer investors and traders like you the means to track, research and ultimately predict shifts in market indexes.

An experienced trader conducted his own study of our Volume Indicators in order to determine their effectiveness. Tracking historical minute-by-minute and daily data for 25 indicators back to 1997, he found that in 77 percent of all short-term trading cases, and in 86 percent of all long-term cases, one could make profitable decisions based on our indicators. These percentage success ratios proved correct for both buy and sell signals.

We provide you with the tools to make trading decisions. In order to place a trade, you need to contact a broker or use an online service.

Keywords: Stock Market, Technical Analysis

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