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By: Market Truths  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Surveys, Marketing Research

Market Truths brings rigorous and up-to-date research methods and analytical techniques to bear on the challenges and opportunities facing organisations.

We can help you analyse what market to enter, or evaluate how you’re doing in the markets you’re in. We can collect information you don’t have from a variety of sources, or help you use the information you already have to expand your business, increase your profitability, or simply serve your stakeholders better.

In all our research we take particular care to maintain respondents’ confidentiality, and we adhere to the Marketing Research Association’s Code of .

The following examples are indicative of the types of projects we work on.

Want to know what’s being said about your company or brand in social media? We can do a general audit for you or analyse what is being said about a particular issue such as a new product launch or a problem with a product. We can also evaluate whether your stakeholders want to interact with you via social media, and if so, which stakeholders, for what purposes, and using which tools and platforms.

Do you want a reality check to see whether a product in development is on the right track? We can get feedback from people in over 80 different countries quickly and inexpensively.

Are you considering exporting a product or service and trying to determine what countries have the best potential? We can assist you with your country screening process by getting feedback from people in your target market in a variety of different countries so you can determine which look most attractive.

In addition to carrying out surveys and other types of research on a full-service basis, we can write surveys for you, review surveys you have written yourself, and analyse surveys you have already fielded. Having your survey reviewed before implementation can improve the quality of data you collect, and consequently the insights you derive from your survey. Having the analysis done for you can save time, and is helpful for organisations with limited in-house statistical and analytical skills.

Keywords: Marketing Research, Surveys