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By: Mares  06-Dec-2011

  • ABS Plus Buckles
    With our unique and patented design, it only takes one quick movement to easily open or close the buckle, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves. The double button release prevents the buckles from accidentally opening. The most user-friendly system on the market.
  • Channel Thrust
    Soft longitudinal inserts allow a controlled deformation of the fin blade while kicking. This channel shape moves a greater amount of water resulting in more thrust for the same effort.
  • Elastic OPB
    A combination of materials and geometry designed to achieve an OPB without apparent hinge points, the Elastic OPB causes the blade to flex at an optimal angle during the upward and downward strokes increasing the efficiency of your kicks. All effort is translated into a positive, easy thrust.
  • Nature's Wing
    Patented design by Nature’s Wing split fin technology utilizes shorter kick strokes to activate the channel effect and move through the water with reduced effort. Now available with Mares’ half-century experience in fins.
  • OPB - Optimized Pivoting Blade
    Allows the blade to maintain an optimal angle throughout the kicking cycle, whereas traditional fins achieve this only during a small portion of the cycle. OPB produces a constant thrust, which minimizes fatigue and produces fluid movement through the water.
  • Open Foot Pocket
    Ergonomically designed foot pocket delivers maximum power and evenly distributes pressure over the foot to minimize fatigue. The interior features internal ribbing that improves fit, eliminates foot suction and prevents foot pocket flexing, while transmitting more power to the blade.
  • Riddled Foot Pocket
    The perforations prevent stagnating water flow from slowing you down. Eliminating this “parachute effect” you’ll slide faster through the water. Furthermore the openings eliminate any suction effect, making doffing easier.
  • Superchannel
    Latest development in Channel Thrust is the Superchannel. The blade is designed with a large flexible central Superchannel, propelling water-flow more efficiently down the fin blade instead of letting it spill over the sides for optimal performance and minimal diver effort.
  • Tri-Material Construction
    3 specific materials for maximum elasticity, high durability and resistance to aging. The result is superior performance in all diving conditions.
  • Whale Tail Power
    Unlike traditional styles that separate materials at the foot pocket resulting in a break in power transmission, a continuum of materials from the blade that ensures seamless transmission of power through the entire kick cycle. From nature, for divers.

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