Swallow NZ - Manufacturer of Maori and Hawaiian design fabric and clothing

By: Maori, Hawaiian  06-Dec-2011
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All prices are in Australian Dollars, unless you are from New Zealand and are paying cash, then we will charge in NZ Dollars.

How to shop at the Swallow NZ Store

  • 1. Use the arrow keys below the image thumbnail to navigate between product examples and fabrics available for each garment.
  • 2. Use the drop down menus to customise your order. Please be aware that larger sizes cost a little bit extra that adds onto the base price.
  • 3. Press 'Add to Cart' to add the item to your order.
  • 4. You are able to specify the quantity at the cart screen. Press 'recalculate' to get the total. To delete an item, type 0 for quantity
  • 6. Please allow 24 hours for us to get back to you on the shipping fee.
    • If you would like to pay by cash, you can transfer money directly to our bank account, or input the money at any Westpac bank. Our bank details are as follows: NZ customers paying cash:
      Bank: Westpac
      Branch: Papatoetoe, Auckland
      Account number: 030231 0066584 00
      Account name: Swallow NZ. Australian customers paying cash:
      Westpac Business One
      BSB: 032184 A/c number: 215386
      A/c name: Perla Bailey (Swallownz)
  • 7. When you pay by credit card (paypal) wait for the delivery fee which will be invoiced to you through paypal prior to delivery.

Keywords: Australian Dollars