Manfred Frank - Hinge Applications

By: Manfred Frank  05-Apr-2012

Hinge Mounting Options

As a world first a completely frameless glass side to glass door fully exposed hinge mounting is made possible by using a range of MFH fittings.

Micromaster hinges are suitable for all common applications of panel mounting.

Door Mounting Options (Typical Examples)

Clamping Plate

Counter Sunk



Frame Mounting Options

Clamping Plate - Glass

Clamping Plate - Non Glass


Door Installation Types



Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall Back to Back

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Manfred Frank - Glass Information

Single panel Toughened/tempered glass can be mounted with countersunk fittings, clamping plates as well as bonded fittings. Single panel float/annealed glass is generally not considered to be suitable for use with Micromaster Hinges. Toughened/tempered glass is up to five times stronger than float/annealed glass of the same thickness. Sheet glass is commonly supplied in a number different glass types.


Manfred Frank - Hinge Models

Please note that sufficient cavity space is required for operating the 11mm adjustment spanner when mounting the MFH 200. All existing frame mounting and door mounting options can be combined with both models. The MFH 200 is adjusted by using an 11mm open ended spanner and a 4mm Allen Key tool. The trajectory/geometry and movement is identical for both hinge models.