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By: Mandolin Brothers  06-Dec-2011
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All prices are subject to change without notice -- i.e. when manufacturers change their prices, we change our prices but only on newly received merchandise. This means you might find some pieces still available at last year's prices. This would be good: You reap the benefits.

We are not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, inadvertent misstatements, vague generalizations. We do our best to be both accurate and conservative with each description of condition.  Our customers often say "the instrument I received is way cleaner than I thought it would be.   You guys are amazing."

Our prices: when two prices are listed after the description the first price shown is our Discount Price. You can get a 3 percent discount off this price if payment is made in cash at our showroom, or via mail order by bank check, money order or by Wire Transfer of Funds. This is called our Cash Discount, or "Best" price.   We reserve the right to accept only Wire Transfer of Funds from certain locations.


"ROFR" -- What is the "RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL?" When a customer desires to purchase amy standard description instrument which is not presently in our inventory, but which is, say, a used instrument in repair being worked on,  or perhaps it's a new instrument that is on back order with a manufacturer,  (or which we would, ourselves, want to have on back order) we offer a special opportunity called Right of First Refusal (or ROFR). If you provide me a FULLY REFUNDABLE $100 deposit, we will put your name on the file for that incoming piece and when it arrives it never goes on display, it goes into storage. You alone are notified ("Your instrument has come in!") and can then decide if you wish to purchase it, or pass on this one and wait for the next one, or request your $100 back. Of course if you wish to try the instrument the $100 is applied to purchase, and you still get a standard 3-day approval period in which to try it out, if this is a mail order transaction, shipped to you by UPS or some other carrier. If after one week following notification you have not come to visit to try the piece out or made arrangements to have it shipped, the instrument goes on the market for sale. If you wish to proceed with an ROFR deposit, please call us.  Your deposit does not (and cannot) "hold the price" if the manufacturer has a price increase.  This offer does not apply to "custom or special order" instruments.     If you ultimately pick the instrument up at our showroom you must add New YorkState and City Sales tax (it's right now 8.375%) but if we ship it to another state we will collect no sales tax.

 In order to do this, please just stating intent to provide the $100 deposit -- let us know which piece you wish to reserve, your method of payment, and also your full name, home address and all your various telephone numbers.  That's the first step.     One thing – and that’s that if a manufacturer simply cannot ultimately ship the piece to us, for some unseen reason, or one that's beyond our control – we reserve the option of returning your deposit to you and expressing our regrets that “we don’t think it’s ever going to happen.”  YOUR DEPOSIT is always available to you as a credit to your credit card (if that was your method of payment!).  Your deposit is always your property, unless and until applied to purchase.   It’s a “no-lose” offer, fully refundable any time you wish.

HOW TO ORDER: We can ship any fine instrument in stock ON APPROVAL so that you can try it out without an obligation to purchase it, for a three-day trial period in your home. To do this:

(a) phone and reserve the piece you desire so it doesn't get sold unexpectedly. (b) send money order or bank check, wire transfer, or phone in your credit card information (at our sole option we can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Optima, and American Express). (c) we will ship via UPS (We use UPS to domestic locations) and you would have 3 days FROM DELIVERY simply to let us know if, for any reason, you don't like the piece. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer. When returned via UPS (prepaid) in the same condition as received, we will refund the instrument's price, excluding outbound shipping. Approval is voided if the warranty tags, on a new instrument purchase, have been written on, or are missing, or if the instrument shows damage or wear. Approval privilege does not apply if the item was special-ordered for you, or if the piece was altered for you (at your request) prior to shipment, to include such things as a strap pin in the neck heel, a pickup or other change.

BANK WIRE TRANSFER INFORMATION is available upon request.

Thank you for reading all of this.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Money Order

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Mandolin Brothers is listed on The New York Music Trail -- a map of the famous "Sites of Sound" established by the City of New York and The Host Committee for the Grammy Awards. George Harrison was their customer and Paul McCartney chose this shop to repair his original Beatle Bass and later thanked them in an interview in Bass Player Magazine.


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