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By: Pace  05-Apr-2012
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Tells the story of the development of the most powerful and charismatic Ducati Superbikes from the perspective of the designers, stylists, engineers, and managers. Every stage in the 1098, 1198, and 848s planning, development, and manufacturing is covered in impressive detail, and accompanied by hundreds of photos and illustrations.

D7067, ISBN 9781935007067, RRP 99.95

Authors Matt Stone and Luca Dal Monte offer a unique perspective on the iconic car manufacturer. They begin with a revealing biographical sketch of Enzo Ferrari - from his childhood to hos often-secret private life - and conclude by profiling the executives responsible for the company's success today.

D7081, ISBN 97819350070801, RRP 79.95

Giant engines. Revolutionary aeroforms. Thunderous power, lap speeds faster than those of Formula One cars, and a freedom from regulation that todays racers may not even be able to dream of. That was the Can-Am. The original Canadian-American Challenge Cup series only lasted from 1966 to 1974, but what ground-shaking, car-shaping years those were. With minimal rules and lavish prize money, the Can-Am attracted top-flight teams and superstar drivers from sports cars, F1, and Indy car racing. It also encouraged innovation, and for almost every round, racings most inventive minds brought out novel and astounding ideas.

D7111, ISBN 9781935007111, RRP 199.00

Keywords: Car