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By: Guitar Toolbox  06-Dec-2011
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JB’s Fretboard Domination

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JB’s Beginner Guitar Course

This course is based on the best selling Ernie Ball “How to Play Guitar” books. Weekly lessons with videos, extra help when you need it and fun songs to learn as you go.


“JB’s [Fretboard Domination] course is a great blend of theory and practical how-to’s for guitar. What’s really helped me is the way his videos cover theory and then throw in how the theory is used in a real world way by demonstrating it in a riff or song. It makes it easy to relate to and gives me a hook to connect it to the music.

For example, I didn’t realize that learning how to construct scales for a given key opens up a whole world of information about the chords and progressions in that key.

You can use the scale degree (I, ii, iii, IV, etc.) to figure out what chords are in the key, which also tells you what chords are major, minor and seventh, and plot out the most common progressions. So suddenly you can  figure out songs you’re trying to learn. And you can also make intelligent changes to chords and still have it sound right.

It also makes it simple to transpose a song to another key.

This is stuff I’ve seen before but it never really made sense until it was connected to the scales in this way.

It really hit home when I was working out a progression in a song I wanted to learn and nailed it on the first attempt–the scale logic had sunk in and just flowed back out without even thinking about it. Makes you feel like you’re really starting to “get it.”

Jay Schultz
Pauma Valley, California, USA

Keywords: Guitar

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