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A world class provider of food safety and biosecurity services

AsureQuality provides world class food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors worldwide.

Accreditations & Registrations Held by our Laboratory Facilities

As well as holding internationally recognised accreditation we undertake testing for national and international regulatory programs.

Accredited Persons

MAF Biosecurity New Zealand (MAFBNZ) requires all sea container facilities to nominate one or more MAFBNZ Accredited Persons to be responsible for checking imported containers for pests and contamination. AsureQuality is an approved independent training provider for the MAFBNZ Accredited Persons (AP) training course.

AgriBase™ Database for NZ Rural Properties

First developed in 1993 for the management of properties susceptible to foot and mouth disease, the AgriBase™ database holds information on all types of rural properties such as farms, vineyards, orchards, forests, and small holdings and includes contact details for the individuals that own and manage them.

AgriBase™ has grown over the years to provide a platform for traceability, biosecurity and emergency management to support national and regional policies and programmes that benefit rural New Zealand and primary sector industries.

Animal Welfare Services Offered by AsureQuality

Our veterinarians, field technicians and epidemiologists provide a variety of field services, farm quality assurance services, and processing assurance services for the verification of animal welfare.

Approved Supplier Programme Standards for Food

Approved Supplier Programme Certification is reassurance for retailers and branded manufacturers of the standards met by you as a supplier and AsureQuality, as an approved Certification Body for the Approved Supplier Programme, can help you achieve this.

AsureQuality Biosecurity Response: Painted Apple Moth

Painted Apple Moth (PAM) was initially discovered in 1999 in Glendene, in Auckland's Western suburbs. PAM is a serious biosecurity threat to New Zealand due to its potential to severely defoliate fruit trees, natives and introduced trees thus posing a threat to gardens, crops, forests and native bush. It was estimated that if widely established the potential economic impact could be between $58 - $356 million over 20 years. A programme of aerial spraying was carried out between October 2002 and May 2004.

AsureQuality Company Overview

AsureQuality is a commercial company 100% owned by the New Zealand government. We provide food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors.

AsureQuality Management Team

Effective leadership is a central part of AsureQuality's winning formula. Our management team lead with strong, inspirational leadership and have a strategic commitment to invest in high-end facilities, technology and people to ensure that AsureQuality remains the leader in its field.

AsureQuality Services to the Apiculture (Beekeeping) Industry

Our team of specialists provide quality assurance and management services to apiculture industries throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Diagnostic and research laboratories back up these field services.

AsureQuality Services to the International Apiculture / Beekeeping Industry

AsureQuality is experienced in bringing New Zealand's progressive apiculture (beekeeping) technology to international markets. Our staff offer customised projects designed to meet individual needs and are tailored to suit particular local geographical, climatic, gender or cultural environments.

AsureQuality Vision & Values

The team at AsureQuality are committed to our vision of being

"A world class provider of food safety and biosecurity services"

AsureQuality's Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Team

The people at AsureQuality are our biggest asset and our team of Industry Managers are committed to providing a professional service to our customers.

Biosecurity for farms in New Zealand

AsureQuality provides biosecurity surveillance and response services to assist MAF protect against exotic pest and disease incursions on farms throughout New Zealand. This includes movement control at stock yards and monitoring control  programmes for diseases like tuberculosis.

Biosecurity Services: Apiculture Industry

As MAF's delivery arm we have a long history of providing biosecurity services to the apiculture (beekeeping) industry in New Zealand. Biosecurity services involve both surveying for an exotic bee disease as well as developing capability and responding to incursions.

carboNZero Certification

The carboNZeroCertTM programme is a certification scheme administered by Landcare Research. It provides robust tools for individuals, organisations, products, services and events to achieve either carboNZero Certification or CEMARSTM (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme).  Both certifications are evidence of the standards met by you as a supplier and AsureQuality, as an Approved Auditor for the carboNZero programme can help you achieve this.

Certification for the Wine Industry

We can verifiy your wine and ensure you comply with food safety, wine composition, labelling and overseas market requirements.

Chemistry Testing Services for Food

We offer a comprehensive range of accredited chemical analyses to the food industry including testing for Nutritional Information Panels (NIPS), preservatives, mineral and vitamins.

Dairy Certification in NZ & Australia

We work along side the dairy industries in New Zealand and Australia helping customers meet the rising expectations of consumers worldwide and strict international standards. AsureQuality regularly audits food safety and inventory control processes to provide ongoing assurance to dairy customers of the programme's integrity.

Dairy Industry Recognised Agency Services

Our customers need proof that their dairy products are safe and true to label. As an approved recognised agency for the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) we provide independent evaluation and verification services to the dairy industry.

Emergency Response to Biosecurity Emergency in NZ

We are available 24 / 7  to respond to environmental, livestock, horticultural, forestry, apicultural, GMO and marine biosecurity emergencies. We have access to, and train staff and resources from across the company to deliver a proven team of dedicated biosecurity professionals who now number more than 400 New Zealand-wide.

In the case of a highly contagious exotic disease, like foot and mouth disease, AsureQuality is equipped to dispatch an initial investigating Veterinarian within half an hour of notification, file a detailed report 4.5 hours later, establish a National Headquarters anywhere in New Zealand within 15 hours and have all necessary Field Response staff mobilised 24 hours after the alarm is raised.

Food Contaminants: Heavy Metals and Toxic Substances

Toxic "heavy" metals present in marine water accumulate in shellfish flesh. Elements tested for regulatory monitoring include Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Antimony, Zinc, Chromium and Nickel.

Metal pollution may occur from direct sources (industrial and agricultural run-off) and indirect (undersea geothermal activity). A sanitary survey of any growing area may indicate the risk of pollution from other toxic substances e.g. pesticides and other organic pollutants.

Food Safety & Food Quality Auditing Programmes for the Hospitality Industry

Our nationwide network of food safety auditors can provide you with the evidence you need to assure your customers in the safety and quality of your food.

Food Safety Certification Services BRC NZGAP GLOBALG.A.P ISO STANDARDS WQA FSP

Do you want assurance for your customers in the safety and quality of your food and beverages? Our nationwide network of food safety auditors audit, inspect and certify to the leading domestic and international food standards to ensure you can provide the proof you need to access the most demanding markets.

Geospatial Technology & Information Systems

Our information systems and technology has been carefully designed to capture and manage information at each stage of the supply chain.

Information & Technology used in NZ Biosecurity Response

Our information systems and technology has been carefully designed to capture and manage biosecurity information at each stage of the supply chain.

ISO Standards for Quality Management, Environmental Management and Food Safety Management

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Certification is reassurance for retailers and branded manufacturers of the standards met by you as a supplier in areas such as food safety management, quality management and environmental management. AsureQuality, as an approved Certification Body for the ISO Standards, can help you achieve this. 

IVA: Independent Verification Agency for Phytosanitary documents

Arable, forestry or other plant products may require phytosanitary documentation to meet importing country requirements. AsureQuality inspection and audit staff can assist exporters with overseas market access requirements.  If you need a MAF Phytosanitary Certificate, or some other form of official assurance, AsureQuality are able to undertake surveys, tests, supervision, inspection, audit and verification of certificates.

Lab Testing for Timber and Wood Products

Our laboratories use state of the art testing techniques to provide the evidence you need that your timber products meet the international standards required for you to gain market access.

Laboratory & Audting Services to Aquaculture / Seafood Industry

AsureQuality has been working in the aquaculture and seafood sectors (fish, molluscs and crustaceans, land and marine farming, and wild-caught) through its laboratory services for the last 20 years. We also offer audit and inspection services, biosecurity services and industry aligned training.

Laboratory Testing for Food Safety in the Hospitality Industry

AsureQuality offers a comprehensive range of accredited microbiological and chemical analyses for products ranging from raw materials through to finished products.

Laboratory Testing of Dairy Samples for Melamine & Inhibitory Substances

Laboratory testing of dairy samples enables us to confirm the presences of contaminants such as melamine and inhibitory substances ensuring your milk is safe for consumption.

Laboratory Testing: Meat and Meat Products

AsureQuality offers the laboratory testing you need to meet all of your National Microbiological Database (NMD), food safety and Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMAR).

Labs Registered as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) are an internationally accepted set of principles concerned with the planning, performance, monitoring, recording, reporting and archiving of non-clinical health and environmental safety studies, required by regulations* for the purpose of registering pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food and feed additives and veterinary drugs and similar products.

The Wellington Laboratory has been registered as a GLP accredited laboratory through the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) GLP Compliance Monitoring Programme since 1996.

Meeting the GLOBALG.A.P Standard for Food Safety

GLOBALG.A.P Certification is reassurance for retailers and branded manufacturers of the standards met by you as a supplier and AsureQuality, as an approved Certification Body for GLOBALG.A.P, can help you achieve this.

Melamine Testing for Food Products

Melamine is a chemical that is used in many ways including making kitchen and dining ware, surfaces for cabinetry, floor tiles and fire retardant fabrics.

It has also been used to adulterate various products and ingredients used as or in human and animal foods.  There is now some concern that it is being used to ‘cut’ fertilisers and pesticides that are used to produce food.

Sometimes, however, very low levels are being found in foods and ingredients.  These low levels do not arise from adulteration, and the causes and risks to consumers from this are under international investigation.  Many Regulatory bodies are currently setting limits and guidelines for low level melamine content and AsureQuality is able to provide testing for melamine contamination in a wide range of foods at our Wellington Laboratory.

New Zealand Apiary Register for American Foulbrood Strategy

It is a legal requirement1 in New Zealand for all beekeepers and the location of their apiaries to be registered. We maintain an apiary database on behalf of the Management Agency for the American Foulbrood Strategy. The database contains information on over  2700 beekeepers, 21,700 apiaries and 368,000 hives. 

Plant pathology, Entomology and Nematology Services

The pest and disease laboratories, (PESTLABS) based in Auckland and Lincoln, use plant pathology, entomology and nematology expertise to diagnose plant and seed diseases, and invertebrate pests for fresh produce importers and exporters, and food processors. Services include insect identification, pest management, disease diagnosis and control advice, and insect contaminant identification.

Pre-export Certification Service for Live Animal Export

AsureQuality provides a pre-export certification service that covers inspection, testing and treatment of animals destined for export.

Range of Biosecurity Services offered by AsureQuality

AsureQuality has a long history of working for MAF and successfully managing, developing and delivering capability and responding to incursions.

Sample Collection from Farms

Samples collected on farm provide animal health assurances to both farmers and livestock importers, and independent assertion of free-of-disease status for live-animal exports.

Services Offered to Farm and Farm Dairies

AsureQuality's on farm team provides a wide range of on farm and farm dairy services to New Zealand farmers.  

Services to the Meat Processing Industry: Mandatory and Contestable

We offer a wide range of mandatory and contestable quality assurance services to the New Zealand Meat Processing Industry.

Soil / Sediment Testing for Environmental Contamination from Industrial Activities

In addition to the range of organic contaminant, POPs and agrichemcial testing services available for soils and sediments, we also provide soil /sediment testing to industry and regulators to determine the level of environmental contamination from industrial activities.

Surveillance Techniques used in NZ Biosecurity Programmes

AsureQuality's planning expertise and attention to detail, combined with data management and GIS expertise, means we can define the exact parameters of a survey, identify individual properties and high-risk sites within a survey area, and determine the most appropriate short or long-term surveillance programme.

Technician Services for Farms

AsureQuality's 200 on farm technicians based all over New Zealand provide a range of services including calf disbudding, facial eczema monitoring, tb testing, sampling collection, cattle weighing, post mortems, pregnancy scanning, lepto vaccinations, milk cooling traceback, hormone growth promotant to over 50,000 dairy, beef and deer farms nationwide.

Testing Air for Dioxins and Persistent Organic Pollutants

Our team provides accurate measurement of dioxins and other persistent organic pollutants, volatile organic chemicals, semi-volatile organic compounds, and metals in the air to the lowest possible levels. We measure contaminant levels for compliance with regulatory and certification requirements.

Testing for Dioxin & other POPs

AsureQuality has a proud history of providing testing for dioxin and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) at ultra-trace levels to government regulators, industry, research institutions and other interested parties in the Asia Pacific region and the United States of America.  

Testing: Natural Toxins that Occur in Food

At our Auckland Laboratory we identify toxins present in your food samples and help you to understand the potential causes, any health impacts, the necessary responses and help you minimise disruption to your business.

Timber Industry Certification

AsureQuality specialises in designing solutions to meet your timber assurance needs.  Wherever you are in the timber industry supply chain we can inspect, audit, test and certify to national and internationally recognised standards.

Training Services

We offer a broad range of industry based training programmes to support our quality assurance services.  We design and deliver tailored courses in food safety and auditing practices for businesses, both large and small, in the meat, dairy, horticulture, viticulture, biosecurity and apiary sectors. 

TutinTesting Honey

The  New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) has revised a honey food standard that now applies to all honey produced above 42 degrees south and harvested or packed for sale and export. The Food (Tutin in Honey) Standard 2010 came into effect on 1 January 2011. In light of this, AsureQuality has revised its tutin testing services and now offers two testing options.

Verification, Soil Testing & Certifications for the Horticulture Industry

AsureQuality provides a comprehensive range of services including Independent Verification, certification, residue testing, and pest and disease identification to the New Zealand horticulture industry.

Veterinary Services on NZ Farms

AsureQuality's veterinary team has extensive experience in the management of diseases in farm animals and maintainaing animal health. We provide specialist epidemiological services for management of disease at a herd or regional level.

Wine Laboratory Testing

We are recognised by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) under the Wine Act 2003 for analysing export wines. Our laboratory testing services to the wine industry include export testing to meet EU and other country requirements, residue analysis, chemical analysis, microbiology testing, allergen testing and forensic investigations.

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