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By: Blueberry  06-Dec-2011
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Fresh and Frozen, Whole and Crushed Blueberries.

Refer to following table for an indication of our current product range.

Frozen Product Size Grade
  Large 15+mm USDA A
  Medium 13-15mm USDA A
  Small under 13mm USDA A
  Industrial unsized Whole Fruit  
  Mince N/A Minced berries
  Puree 2mm screen Pureed berries
Fresh Export grade Fresh punnets N/A 100 or 125gm punnets
PYO Pick your own fresh blueberries at the peak of the season from late December to early February
Plants Grow your own blueberries with real commercial varieties suited to the local climate.
All Frozen whole berries are IQF

Because we process our product on site we are able to meet your specific requirements in relation to whole or pureed berries.

Blueberry Country has focused on producing consistently high quality IQF berries for both the New Zealand and Australian markets. Through the development of improved processing facilities and expansion to a broader range of growing climates, Blueberry Country is increasing its capacity to supply in the fresh market as well.

As we are increasing our capacity to supply the fresh market we are able to supply to a wide range of customers both within New Zealand and internationally.

We have a very popular “Pick Your Own” service during the Blueberry season. This generally starts just before Christmas and runs until early February, dependant on weather and crop availability. Don’t forget to check out our Summer Café that runs during the season where you can try some of the recipes from our recipe page and get a light meal or snack.

Contact us if you have any queries about our products or would like to discuss your blueberry requirements

Keywords: Berries, Recipes