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By: Vetmarker  07-Nov-2013
Keywords: Drenching, Weighing, Vaccination

Docking lambs is quick and easy with the award winning Vetmarker! The Vetmarker is a docking chute that puts lambs on their feet when they are released, causing them less stress and less hassle for Farmers. Lambs are loaded into the Vetmarker where ear-marking, vaccinating, castration, drenching, and scabine vaccination can be done with ease from either side of the machine. The straight rollers, in a deep V help prevent the lambs from getting their legs stuck or escaping. In 2012 a new model Vetmarker was released onto the market. The main features of the new Vetmarker are: •The lamb restraining rails are now swung off one upright, located near the release end of the Vetmarker. •Removing the upright frees up access allowing more working area which gives enough space to have two people working on the right side of the Vetmarker if required. •With the upright bar removed from the loading end it has made it even easier to load the Vetmarker. There is also an option to add a double spray unit to suit farmers who require the spray to be administered in both the crutch and either the shoulder or the rump area of the lamb. (See other products for more information) Also released in 2012 was a Vetmarker for Weighing Lambs. Please refer to Weigh Vetmarker for more details. Used for: Benefits: • Ear marking lambs • Ear tagging lambs • Castrating lambs • Vaccinating lambs • Drenching lambs • Scabine vaccinations • Tailing lambs • Spraying lambs for flystrike • Special Vetmarker to Weigh Lambs • Less stress on the lamb • Height adjustable • Two people can carry the Vetmarker with ease. • The Vetmarker allows for various lamb sizes. • Easy access for docking and tailing procedures. • Straight spring loaded rollers. • A labour unit is saved with the automatic sprayer. • Lambs land on their feet and walk away.

Keywords: Age Marking, Drenching, Ear Tagging, Eid Tagging, Elastrator, Flystrike Application, Lamb Docking, Lamb Marking, Lamb Tailing, Rubber Rings, Tail Removal, Vaccination, Weighing,

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The Vetmarker is a lamb docking/tailing chute which is easy to use and safe for both staff and lambs. Once



Sheep farmers say the Vetmarker is the best Lamb Docking Chute on the market and works very well.