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By: Unlimited Realities  06-Dec-2011

In February 2009 Dell launched the Dell Studio One 19, the first multi-touch PC on the market. Working with Unlimited Realities, Dell was first to market with a rich and engaging user experience that could utilize the advanced multi-touch screen technology integrated into the Dell Studio One.

Integral to the successful introduction of the Dell Studio One was the Dell TouchZone software bundle which included a number of multi-touch Fingertapps applications and a custom application launcher developed by Unlimited Realities. Following on from the success of the Studio One 19 launch Dell have subsequently bundled Dell TouchZone on the Dell Inspiron One 19 All-in-One PC as well as the Dell Studio 17 laptop.

The Fingertapps applications supplied by Unlimited Realities included solutions for photo browsing, music playback, video playback and casual games. These applications are designed to be optimized for touch with market leading gestural control and multi-touch capability.

The architecture of the Fingertapps applications means that both the look and the feel of the user interface was able to be customized to specific Dell user interface design requirements.

Custom Built Application Launcher

To create a more gestural user experience Unlimited Realities created a customized launcher that enables users to launch the suite of Fingertapps and third party applications. With its look and importantly the feel for the user the launcher sets the tone for the natural interaction the user experiences within the TouchZone suite.

To develop the arc the Unlimited Realities User Experience team researched customer behavior and UX metaphors.   The result was an arc that allowed the user, with a simple flick of the finger, to navigate the launcher and find the application they wanted to use.

The ability to launch both Fingertapps and third party applications was a key feature of the arc, enabling the easy launching of  pre-installed Windows(TM) games including: Solitaire, Mindsweeper etc.

Integration with 3rd Party Content Services

A strength of the Fingertapps technology is its ability integrate with web services and data, providing a rich user experience on the device by accessing the latest information or Cloud-services.  Dell TouchZone for example included integration with Flickr for photos and current weather data from Weather.com.  By partnering with Weather.com Unlimited Realities enabled users to quickly check the weather that would be affecting them that day and for the week.

Cloud Based Hosting and Updates

User expectations mean that it’s essential to be able to deliver updates to applications and content ‘on-demand’. Unlimited Realities has expertise in delivering Cloud-based application updates and hosting that are a key part of the Dell TouchZone application experience. Optional application logging provides enhanced support and user testing features that support the delivery of a high quality user experience.

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