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By: Unicycle  06-Dec-2011

New for 2011, the Nimbus Equinox Trials Unicycle is the latest generation trials unicycle from Nimbus. Utilising a customised selection of the best componentry available, the Equinox Trials attains what many others have tried but failed to achieve - a strong but lightweight trials unicycle. Only 5.1kg. * Spring Special - upgrade to a superlight, superstrong KH Titanium Hub for only $300! That's 62% off! *

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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Unicycles - NZ

Unicycles suitable for smaller children, who need a unicycle with a 12" or 16" wheel, as they cannot reach the pedals on larger unicycles. Everything you need to get primary, intermediate and high school age students up and active on one wheel. Quality construction with good components means they will take the knocks easily. Our Learner unicycles are the best beginners unicycles we could find.


Children's Unicycles - NZ

A small unicycle for riders less than 7 years old at a very competitive price. A high quality trials unicycle built specially for younger riders. To ride a unicycle a child needs to be able to reach the pedals. Ideal first unicycle for younger children at an amazing price. The right size depends on their leg length.


Freestyle Unicycles - NZ

A freestyle unicycle is a good next-step up from a learners unicycle if you enjoy tricks from the Ten Skill Levels, choreographed riding to music, or performance. Torker have pulled out all the stops on the flash new AX20 model, speccing an aircraft grade aluminium frame, freestyle saddle and Kenda freestyle tyre.


Mountain Unicycles - NZ

With a light, stiff frame and double-hole cranks, the KH36 is a versatile 36er designed for both on and off-road distance riding and commuting. Many options for customising this unicycle are available.