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By: Tony Kaye Racing  05-Apr-2012
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  • Equi-Stim Leg Saver
  • Equine Massage
  • Each horse has own personal Diets
  • Starting a horse (Breaking in)
  • Pre-Training
  • Schooling 

Tony Kaye Racing Stables Fees-Effective Jan 2010

Breaking In: Breaking In- Flat Fee to teach your horse the following:
To be caught, led, tied up, washed, covered and to be nice to a farrier, vet, and other health professionals. He will learn to be patient, trusting and confident. At the end of his education, you will see him ridden in walk, trot, canter in an open area. Before he leaves our stables we are happy to advise an exact spelling training programme that will be the most appropriate for his development and progression.
Flat fee: $1800.00 (Individual Covered Yards, 3 feeds and Hay)Your horse’s diet will be managed by myself and this will be appropriate for his condition and stage of training.Pre Training:
Gives your horse a grounding of long slow conditioning aerobic work to build body strength without stress. Courses are suitable for horses
That have not yet been in full training or who are coming back into work.
Horses on these courses will typically be worked “in self carriage” and will be allowed to find their own balance without rider interference. 
Early Pre-Race Training: Daily Fees charged for days worked              $45.00 Per DayDaily Fees charged for days not worked        $27.00 Per DayHorses are in Individual covered Yards All horses on Pre-Race Training Courses are fed (3 Daily) on a diet that is appropriate for their stage of training and condition.

If you wish to enrol you horse please use the attached enrolment forms below.
And Fax it through to +61 6 355 8043 or send to:

Tony Kaye Racing Applications,
303 Shirriffs Rd,
Awapuni 4412,
Palmerston North,
New Zealand

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Keywords: Horse