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By: Tcl Accountants Group  06-Dec-2011
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Easy GST
Take the stress out of GST.

  • GST registration
  • Assistance with de-registering with GST
  • Help with buying or selling an asset involving a large amount of GST

Investment Properties and Tax Returns
Three ways we can help.

  • By preparing your annual rental statement and tax return.
  • By preparing special tax code applications so that you receive your tax refund throughout the year.
  • By electronic filing of your tax return for a speedy refund.

Starting a Company
It takes about a day.

A company can normally be formed within 24 hours. Some advantages of operating a business through a company may include; limited liability, name protection, taxation, continuity of existence and borrowing ability.

Annual Accounts
We make them a breeze.

Yes that is right. We will guide you through the information that we need to ensure that you claim all your legal tax deductions.

New to Business
Take the headache out of going into business.

The accounting side of a new business is a big headache for lots of people. That is why we have arranged to do something about it. We offer a free 30 minute consultation during which you can ask and we will answer your questions.

We take the hassle out of paying your staff.

When it comes to paying your staff, if you are tired of collating time sheets, calculating hours and overtime rates, sick leave and all the rest then we make it very easy for you.

BankLink Invoice Plus
The secret to getting paid.

It is a very easy to use package. For those who are looking for a simple way to invoice customers and get paid without complicating the issue of GST returns, cashflow or other information you already have elsewhere.

Tax Planning
Your money is better in your pocket than the tax mans!

There are legal ways to reduce your tax. Tax Planning normally commences with a discussion (in person or phone conference).

Let us help manage your ACC. We can take care of all that paperwork for you and in some instances reduce your annual payment.

Buying an Existing Business
Have you considered:

  • Have you got what it takes?
  • Your chances of success?
  • It is a fact that 80% of businesses may fail within five years.
  • Have you adequate funds to get you started

We will cover these and a whole lot more.

Selling a Business
There is a lot to consider here.

We need to talk before you place your business on the market. We can assist you with establishing a realistic sale price, presentation of financial results, confidentiality agreement etc etc.

By structuring the agreement correctly we can probably save you some tax.

Cashflow Forecast
As the saying goes “cash is king”.

All businesses should know where the funds go and where the funds come from and more importantly have a forecast for the future.

FBT Management
Fringe Benefit Tax can be a tax trap. Before you consider a proposal you should check the tax consequences.

A little known fact is that FBT can actually work in your favour and be very tax effective.

Allowing for Tax
You may have heard “horror stories” about businesses which did not plan for tax and reached the second year of business and was told by the Accountant that two years worth of tax had to be paid to the IRD. A tax plan is an essential cash management tool for any business.

Keywords: Gst

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