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By: Pain Management  06-Dec-2011

Features and Benefits:

 Suitable for all types of pain relief Digital Dual Channel
12 Built in programmes for ease of use
 2 Customisable constant mode programmes
 Ability to lock the unit
 Records time in use and average current
 User friendly
 Compact, light and reliableHow Does TENS Relieve Pain?When we feel pain it is the body’s process of informing us that something is wrong. To feel pain is important, without this feeling abnormal conditions may go undetected, creating damage or injury to critical parts of the body.Conductive electrodes are used to transmit electrical impulses from the stimulator to the nerve fibres. Pain relief is achieved by using TENS stimulation of the nerve fibres and acts as a 'Gate Control' to block pain transmission. Using low frequency 'Burst' Stimulation, can increase the body's own pain relieving endorphins/enkepalins and provides analgesiaConventional TENS or Normal Mode
This mode enables the user to select any rate between 2 Hz - 200 Hz and a pulse width between 50 µS - 300 µS. This is the most frequently used of the three modes. The most common selection is 80 Hz with a 200 µS pulse width.
Burst Mode
This mode is comparable to the low rate TENS technique except that each low rate pulse is substituted for by a short BURST of 9 pulses (200 µS) at 150 Hz. It is a combination of conventional and low rate TENS. The burst mode is often referred to as acupuncture like TENS.Modulation Mode
This mode is designed to help prevent nerve accommodation that some patient's experience. It is achieved by continuously cycling the pulse width and rate.

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