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By: Nuview Wealth  05-Apr-2012

Kiwisaver has begun to take hold as a means by which we save for our retirement. There are a good number of Kiwisaver products available in the market place. However if an investor chooses not to take advice then there is the safety net provided by the scheme called a default scheme.

An investor who has not selected a Kiwisaver provider goes into the next scheme in line. Is the scheme or the underlying investments appropriate for the client? This is a question investors are now starting to ask.

Our approach is to ask what the client wants from their Kiwisaver, how many years do they have until retirement and what is their risk profile.

Our advisers will recommend a scheme that not only meets the client's needs but will also change automatically as the they approach retirement and the client's circumstances change.

Take advice and talk to us, your professionals.

A regular review of the scheme and access to their details  are part of the service that we provide to clients.

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