DWS, Rainwater Harvesting System

By: Dws  06-Dec-2011
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The system provides a flexible storage solution for rainwater that fits neatly onto your property without been intrusive. The cylinders are narrow enough to fit through gates and around corners so that they can be positioned alongside the house or fences without taking up much space. As your requirements increase additional cylinders can be easily added to the system providing unlimited storage capacity.

DWS system components

  • A lead cylinder and additional extension cylinders
  • An internal water pump fitted within the lead cylinder only
  • Extension cylinders are joined at the base with a flexible coupling
  • Frogmouth inflow/outflow and debris filter
  • Lazy Lizard filter if additional filtration is required

The Cylinders

These are specifically designed for contemporary urban environments. A range of cylinder and hood colour options are available that allows them to coordinate with the exterior colours of your home.

Each cylinder is 690mm round and 1906mm high with the hood fitted. Capacity is 625L each.

2 cylinders          - 1250L

3 cylinders          -1873L

4 cylinders          -2400L

Cylinder colour options:

Merino, Beige, Smooth Cream and White

Hood colours:

Karaka, Heritage Green, Black, Mountain Blue and Mist Green

Internal Water Pump

Frogmouth, First stage Filter
The Frogmouth is a first stage filter that through its unique low maintenance design, removes leaves and gutter debris from the rainwater entering the tank.

The Frogmouth can be cut into existing downpipes and in most installations acts as an overflow back down the same downpipe saving additional plumbing of a separate overflow.

Lazy Lizard, Final Stage Filter
The Lazy Lizard is a final stage filter that can be used in conjunction with the Frogmouth filter.

The Lazy Lizard has a fine 240 micron stainless steel mesh filter that removes materials such as pollen, sand and silt. This helps keep stored water cleaner and reduces the risk of damage to your appliances and maximises the efficiency/life of your pump.

How the System Works
Rainwater from the roof enters the filter from the down pipe, passes through the mosquito proof marine grade stainless steel mesh and into the storage tanks.

Dirt, leaves, moss and other debris from the roof is diverted by the mesh and unique roller system in the filter directly to the storm water system

Inspection flap for maintenance and cleaning.

In the event of storm water being forced back up from the stormwater, this contaminated water is trapped in the lower chamber of the filter and expelled via the lower Frogmouth filter flap.

All filters are easy to clean yet completely sealed to protect against mosquitos & algae growth

Lazy Lizard should be fitted after a first stage filter.

The rainwater passes through the Lazy Lizard’s 240 micron marine grade stainless steel filter where additional pollutants such as pollen, sand and silt are removed.

Transparent cover for checking filter cleanliness.

The filter cartridge can be removed for easy cleaning or replacement.

Lazy Lizard can be reversed for left or right side installation.

Lazy Lizard can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

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