Decopot - Primo - Casting slip

By: Decopot  06-Dec-2011

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Decopot - Primo - Porcelain bodies

It is great that there is a porcelain being produced in New Zealand which has the qualities of whiteness and translucency I require for my work. After working with a number of white clays in recent years I have now changed the whole studio to Mid-Fire Porcelain made by Primo Clays. One bowl was sitting on a shelf that broke in the test kiln and was at about 20 degrees of level yet remained round.


Decopot - Primo - Midfire white bodies

It is great for throwing both small and large pieces and also for our large moulded platters. It is better than any other clay I have used and feels like it was made especially for me. We really love working with PW10 (production white) body. Thanks for the prompt service and consistent quality. Has low shrinkage and handles attach well.


Decopot - Primo - Stoneware bodies

Although I have slowed down as Father Time catches up with me, I used to get through about six tonnes of clay a year. I have been using Buff Stoneware in my cone 10 domestic-ware production for about a year. I reckon I know a bit about clay and this is the best one I have come across. It is really easy to throw and trim and I have very few production losses.