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By: Configra  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Computer Repair, Printer Repair, Laptop Parts

Managed Services « Configra

As with a car, regular maintenance and checks can prevent more costly breakdowns and inconvenience. Our Managed Service plans are tailored to your business depending on your equipment and needs and include scheduled health checks, reduced price priority response if an issue occurs and secure, off-site automated backup. For a free, no obligation assessment and quote please contact us.

Scheduled Health Checks

As part of a Service Plan your equipment is thoroughly checked by our technicians at regular intervals (determined by your equipment and environment) to identify any potential issues before they occur, and to evaluate how effectively the equipment is meeting your business needs. Checks include both hardware and software, routine maintenance on printers and physical cleaning of fans/mechanisms if required by the environment.

Priority Repair Response

In the event that an issue or breakdown occurs, a service plan entitles you to priority response (determined by the Service Plan) at a discounted rate to minimise downtime. We find that non-scheduled visits are greatly reduced by a service plan, lowering the total cost of ownership versus adhoc response.

Automated Backup

Many businesses find data backup a challenge as identifying all important data, backing it up regularly and removing it securely off-site requires discipline and time; difficult when your core business is busy. A loss of data often has catastrophic implications, especially where customer or accounting information is involved.

Avaliable as a single service or as a core part of our Service Plans is the installation of a backup system that automatically copies, encrypts and stores your important data to a secure off-site location, removing any day to day involvement by you or your staff. In the event a backup fails, our technicians are notified immediately and will contact you straight away to resolve the failure.

If equipment fails or if there is a break-in or fire, your data is immediately avaliable to be restored to get you up and running. Depending on the event and your Service Plan, data can be restored by you or our technicians, remotely or onsite. In all cases your data is secure, up to date and ready to get you back in business immediately.

Keywords: Computer Repair, Laptop Parts, Printer Repair