A Wave Away by Matt Griggs

By: Booksmartnz  05-Apr-2012

A Wave Away is an entertaining and thoughtful escape into some of the world’s most intriguing surfing locations. From the far-off places such as Israel, Ireland and Italy, to the more commonly known beach breaks in Hawaii, New Zealand, France and South Africa, author Matt Griggs explores the landscape as well as the swell. The stories seek to juxtapose the experience of the surfer onto the landscape and bring the reader along for the ride.

Paddle out into the line-up with Australian World Champion, Mick Fanning as he takes on Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa; and then in his down time travels into a shanty town to support a South African woman stricken with AIDS. From Mexico to Indonesia, South Africa to New Caledonia, Japan to Norway, waves are chased, fun is had, cultures and lifestyles are explored. Surfers, surfing and the act of finding the perfect wave are written about with wit and enthusiasm.

RRP: $34.99 ISBN: 9780732286385
Format: Hardback
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