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15 mins Chair massage $15.00
30 mins Session $35.00
45 mins session $47.00
1 hour session $65.00
1 ¼ hour stone massage sessions $80.00
1 ½ hour session $95.00

Out calls are possible and these are dependant on availability. A travel charge will apply.


Swedish and remedial massage using your favourite essential oils…

Hot Stone Massage

Special volcanic stones are heated and applied to the body to promote deep-tissue healing and relaxation.


Give your feet a special treat.

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue

Muscle dysfunction, OOS, Chronic muscle pain, Posture related muscle soreness.

Pregnancy Massage

Special need for that special time. Specially designed tables to accomodate your baby stomach.

Sports Massage

For Sports injuries, Rehabilitation, and Pre & Post event muscle relaxation.

Corporate on-site chair massage

5-15 minutes. Relieves stress and tension in your staff, treat or reward them to a special occasion.


Relax and enjoy our beautiful facials, using our specialty Manuka Honey product range that heals and rejuvenates your skin. Products used are dependent on client's needs after a skin analysis. Allow us to analyse your skin's needs to find that perfect natural way to enhance your appearance.

Mini Facial

30 mins
Cleansing, exfoliating, facial massage, toning & moisturising.

Moisture Rich Facial

50 mins
Using moisture rich vitalising range. (For dry skin) - Honey option

Pore Cleansing Facial

50 mins
Using oil control. (For oily skin) - Honey option

Delicate Skin Facial

50 mins
Using delicate care range. (for sensitive skin) - Honey option

Deluxe Spa Facial

60 minutes
Using our beautiful Skin Deep honey range to replenish, rejuvenate and restore your skin, with all the bells and whistles including our paraffin honey mask.

Anti-aging Galvanic Treatment

add 25 mins
Botox without the Botox! European Galvanic Spa treatment, you can see the difference! Lifts and rejuvenates skin,
used on the face for lifting and reducing lines, redness and strengthens skin.  Enhances any facial treatment by up to 70%
Add this to any facial.


Cellulite reduction

Treatments and areas to suit. Thighs, butt, stomach, under arms and more. See the dimples disappear and lines diminish in minutes

from $25.00

Varicose veins reduction

Sore enlarged red veins, have them relieved and reduced gently and naturaly with the non-invasive Galvanic Spa treatment.

from $25.00

Hair re-growth

Thicken and re-grow balding spots, gain that look and confidence back. Using a patented seaweed solution and infused into the hair cells with our gentle Galvanic Spa machine.

A: Relaxing 1 hr Massage, Full Facial and a Free Eye Brow Shape.
2 hrs
B: Pedicure and Spa Soak, plus Full Facial and Free Eye Brow Shape.
2 hrs
C: One Hour Full Body Massage, Full Facial with Galvanic Anti-aging Spa Treatment, Pedicure or Manicure and a Free Eye Brow Shape or Tint.
3 hrs
D: Queen for a day
Combination of the best treatments from A-C.
4 hrs
E: *Two 60 mins relaxation massages, and a beautiful bottle of wine.
(at your hotel)
2 hrs
M: Bella Vita special- Look good this year!
Body Wax (choose between a chocolate brazilian or a regular leg/arm wax), Mini Pedi, Mini Facial and a free eye brow shape. 
2.25 hrs

**All in house Pamper Packages come with Chocolate Cake or Fruit, Juice & lots of pampering..


40 mins $40.00
Mini Manicure $30.00
French tip (paint on) extra $10.00
Cut and Tidy with paint:  
Hands - 15 mins $15.00
Feet - 20 mins $20.00


(includes 15 min spa soak) and paint
55 mins
Mini Pedicure $30.00

Spa Foot Treatment:

Revive, relax, or stimulate your feet. Soak in our luxury spa products, exfoliate with salts. Followed with a lovely 25 minute foot massage. $40.00


Lash Tint $15.00
Brow Tint $12.00
Brow Shape $11.00
Eye Trio : Brow Shape, Lash & Brow Tint $35.00


Full Legs   $45.00
½ Legs   $26.00
Bikini line   $21.00
Chocolate Brazilian 1st time $56.00 $36.00
Under Arms   $19.00
Arms   $21.00
Upper Lip OR Chin (each)   $10.00
Upper Lip AND Chin   $15.00
Bleaching - Upper Lip   $15.00


Full Legs   from $50.00
Back   from $31.00
Chest   from $26.00
Stomach   from $16.00
Chocolate Manzilian 1st time $65.00 $41.00


ELECTROLYSIS & IPL is now available please call for inquiries and bookings

Consultations  (Free with a treatment)                                          $15.00

10 Minutes                                                                                    $15.00

15 Minutes                                                                                    $18.00

30 Minutes                                                                                    $30.00

1 Hour                                                                                           $60.00

nutrition & naturopathic consultancy

Nutritional Consultations: (includes health and menu plan) $85.00
Naturopath Consultation $50.00/hour

traditional medicine with ayurveda

Eastern Medicine with over 5000 years of practice and history, proven results.

Consultation: $65.00
Follow up $30.00
Shirodhara $50.00
Indian Head Massage 1/2 hour $35.00

gift vouchers

Vouchers available at the counter or by phone. A Service and Handling fee will apply to phone and Internet orders.

Appointments Preferred


Chair massage is given with recipients fully clothed and seated in an ergonomically designed forward inclining chair, the whole body is supported including the head and arms as the recipient rests leaning into the chair. Our trained therapists massage the back, shoulders, neck and arms.

Just like this . . . . .

De-stress, maintain the health of your muscles, and reduce likelihood of repetitive strain injury. Massage works by Stimulating blood flow, improving nutrition and flushing waste products. Massage relaxes over-tense muscle and stimulates weak muscle, decreases stress, and relaxes the body by switching off the fight or flight response. Often better quality sleep follows a massage. Massage deactivates painful trigger points by improving oxygen delivery to the tissue, relaxing muscle tension, and positively affecting poor posture. So don't wait book your office in now!

There are a number of time slots available at present for your office to book, please choose the time that suits your staff the best. We will need to occupy a room for one-three hours in order to deliver 4-20 massages, (4 x13 minute Chair massages per hour). We will have two therapists working at once. Both therapists can do the massages in the same room if that is possible.

Times are available on request.

  • All massage recipients will need to fill out a massage consultation form before their session, these are available from your reception.
  • The staff can then book themselves into our booking schedule before we arrive also held at your reception.

it is the businesses responsibility to make sure all sessions requested are filled, if someone does not make it on the day please find a replacement.

Each Chair massage for example costs $15, other price options and time are available.
Bookings are for a minimum of 1 hour or 4 plus Chair massages per visit, max of 10 chair massages per 3 hour session per therapist.

Total cost for 20 on site Chair massages is $300 (commences over 3 hours with 2 therapists).

Please let us know if this is what you need so we can organise a time and venue ASAP.

Kind regards
Chair massage team.

Bella Vita Day Spa

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Our beautiful Coconut Balm is a beautiful blend of natural, no allergy, emollient oils and butters that not only facilitate a wonderful massage but also leaves the skin nourished and soothed. It's filled with skin-nourishing, soothing ingredients like shea butter, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, and Jojoba oil.