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During the month of March buy and pay in full for 5 massages and get the 6th one free! For example pay $325 and get six one-hour massages. That works out at an amazingly low price of $54.16 per massage! The only stipulation is that the 6 massages must be used within 6 months. The same deal is available on our 30 and 45 minute massages and applies to all massages offered in our treatment range.

The Team

Our Massage therapists:  Shammy andLeanne, are all highly qualified therapists and looking forward to using their skills to sort out any muscular issues you may be facing. Shammy is loves sports massage and working with sports teams so if your out running, cycling, swiming or any active sport and are dur for a tune up then book in with him.  Leanne has just arrived from the UK an is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with us from her experences overseas. Leanne is a Deep tissue specialists with a wealth of knowledge on massage as she use to teach it in the UK.  Our therapists can give many different massages in a variety of different styles from Thai, Swedish to Hawaiian. So if you are suffering from muscle pain or stiffness, headaches, neck, back, shoulder or arm pain, sciatica, achilles problems and more, our team is willing and able to meet the challenge. They are all dedicated in what they do and look forward to meeting you soon.

Our Beauty therapists: Catherine, Joanne and Alysha in our ever growing area of beauty services. All our Beauty therapists have there passions as Catherine loves painting nails, Joanne well wax anything and Alysha's facials are heaven.  Our Beauty therapists may be young but what they lack in age they make up in passion for what they do. Our team believes in using natural products to bring out the best in you. Our Manuka Honey skin care range is just fabulous with its anti-septic with healing properties, you can let the results speak for themselves. The team has also been seeing fantastic results in the Galvanic Anti-aging treatments (lines diminishing, varicose veins reducing). Not to mention we still do tinting, lashes and brows, waxing all bits and pieces, (you should try one of our Chocolate Brazilians) facials, manicures and pedicures with a touch of bling.The team looks forward to meeting you all soon.

Rae our Natropath is in Thailand teaching english for a few months, we will let you know as soon as she is back.

New Services

Hair re-growth! using patented seaweed solution and the Galvanic Spa machine regain that look of confidence again. Fantastic price here in Palmerston North, other places offering comparable results are up to 10 times the price.

Our New name

We had our grand opening to cellerbrate the launch of Bella Vita Day Spa on Friday the 8th of April this year. Come in and check out our new decor and colour scheme. There will be no change in our existing services and products, with the exception of more unque natural products now available from us.  We have also launched a new skin care product range called Jojoba, come in and try it out. We hope our new name, services and products will make your time with us an even more enjoyable occasion then before!

Mobile On-site Chair Massage
We can come to your business and provide staff with 13 minute massage treatments focusing on the back, shoulders, neck and arms. These massages are done while recipients are fully clothed and seated in our ergonomically designed massage chairs. Massage helps to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury, reduce stress levels, and improve workplace morale.

Please contact us to discuss and organise having this service available in your workplace.

What massage can do for you

  • Conditions which massage therapy may benefit..
    • Stress and tension, Low Back pain and sciatica, Headache and migraine, Stiff joints, OOS / RSI, Insomnia, Whiplash injury, Poor circulation and much more.
  • How does massage help?
    • Massage Stimulates Blood flow, improving nutrition and flushing waste products.
    • Normalizes the tone of muscles, relaxes muscle spasm, lengthens shortened muscle and breaks down adhesions within muscle and fascia.
    • Decreases stress: Massage relaxes the body by switching off the fight or flight response. Often better quality sleep follows a massage.
    • Deactivates trigger points by improving oxygenation of the tissue, relaxing spasm and positively affecting poor posture.
    • Blocks Pain Messages: nerve impulses for touch override nerve impulses from pain, blocking the pain impulses from reaching and registering with the brain.
    • Assists healing of muscle strain: realigns scar tissue and improves flexibility of the scar which develops after a significant muscle strain.
  • Please drink plenty of water on the day you receive a massage, this keeps your muscles well hydrated, and helps your body to cleanse.

At Bella Vita Day Spa we see massage therapy as an important part of a holistic approach to taking care of your muscular system. It is also very important to maintain good posture, get regular stretch and exercise, stay hydrated, and to eat well.

There are many forms of Massage Therapy and at Bella Vita Day Spa we offer:

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Therapeutic (also called Remedial or Deep Tissue)
  • Trigger Point Release Massage
  • Acupressure Point Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Pregnancy massage

The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is not the practice of medicine or a substitute for sound medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns you should contact your doctor.

In This Issue

  • Welcome
  • The Team
  • New services available
  • Our new Name and Products
  • Mobile on-site Massage
  • What massage can do!

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Pamper Session

Treat yourself for that special occasion to a 1hr relaxing massage, full facial, free brow shape, all discounted to a fantastic value of only $110 Plus lots of chocolate cake and..

New Treatment Launch

Galvanic Spa Treatments - Anti aging, Hair regrowth, Cellulite and Vein reduction.

Electrolysis is now here with Alysha.

IPL is here every third Thursday of the month from 2pm-6pm.


The website is now up and going - still a few pages under development.

We are still open till 8pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays 10pm – 5pm.


FaceBook page is now up and twitter going so look us up and become a friend so we can keep you up todate with the latest deals.

Gift vouchers are available from us.

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