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By: Andersons Veterinary Hospital  06-Dec-2011

The aim of the Puppy Pre-school is to educate both the puppy and the owner. The desired outcome is a sociable and socially accepted puppy.The classes are designed to:

  • Socialize the puppy and make the puppy a good and enjoyable pet to own. They learn to cope with lots of people, loud noises, other dogs, cats, children and novel stimuli such as aerosol sprays, vacuum cleaners, telephones, etc.
  • Train the puppy in basic obedience work such as sit, stay, heel and come using the principles of positive reinforcement.
  • Teach the owner about the normal behaviour of dogs, how to recognize early behavioural problems and how to prevent them, how to house train, how to prevent barking and biting.
  • Provide an opportunity for the puppy to enjoy coming to the veterinary hospital.
  • Educate the owner on other aspects of pet care such as nutrition, dentistry, bathing and grooming that may not be adequately covered in a consultation with a veterinarian.
Puppy Pre-school is specifically designed for puppies in the 6-16 week age range. The programme is not a substitute for the obedience classes, which should be held as formal training in the juvenile stage of a puppy?s? development. It is a stepping stone on the right road.Puppy pre-school classes run for 3 weeks for one hour every week at the hospital.

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