Manfeild warming up for Evento

By: Manfeild  18-Jul-2012
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REST assured the latest instalment of Evento, the annual fashion fantastic at Manfeild that shows off students’ artistic inclinations in amazing apparel, will be hotter than ever this year – but best rug up as well.

That’s the advice from Amanda Street, producer of the Feilding Wearable Art Show in Manfeild Stadium on the evening of August 11.

Now in its 16 year, Evento has grown to become a stunning showcase of regional talent that draws out wearable art designs that truly wow on a night of dance, drama, music and performance. Last year’s extravaganza was particularly exceptional.

Mrs Street is sure that memories of the amazing costumes and displays of talent will spur a good support turnout this year, but she’s mindful also that some patrons will have left the venue giving consideration to how unseasonably cold weather unexpectedly caused the big night to become a chilly challenge for the capacity audience and performers alike.

“We’ve been thinking about how to make the venue more comfortable and rest assured we will have made provision to keep everyone a bit warmer, including having some big heaters in place.

“But, the fact is you can only do so much. It is a big, airy venue – which is why we love it – and we accept it was not primarily designed for this kind of activity, even though it lends itself extremely well to it space-wise.

“So our advice is to dress warmly, bring a blanket, snuggle up and enjoy a fantastic two hours of non-stop entertainment.”

“It’s no different than if you were going to spend an evening at the rugby,” adds Manfeild chief executive Heather Verry, a firm fan of the fashion escape.

“Evento deserves our support. I’d be disappointed, and surprised, if the 2000-seat arena wasn’t filled. It is an event that I know a lot of people circle in their calendar. To me it’s right up there with the annual WOW in Wellington.”

The arena has been reshaped into a U-form this year to capitalise on a fresh catwalk concept. The audience will be up close to the show, to see every aspect of the designs.

Mrs Street reinforced the importance of Evento to the region.

“Evento is a major undertaking; basically it takes a full year’s work by a core team of four to create a night to remember.

“In this final stage, with weeks to go, more people become involved and, of course, the kids themselves will have put in many, many long hours of work on their costumes. It’s literally months of behind-the-scenes activity.

“Their reward is to be able to present their designs to an appreciative audience. It’s a big thing for any youngster to pluck up the courage to show off artwork that truly reflects their deepest emotions and creativity to a crowd of people, not just relatives and friends but total strangers. They deserve our support!”

A large event like Evento deserved a spacious, flexible environment and Manfeild Stadium fulfilled that requirement, Mrs Street said.

“You can do so much; it’s all on a big scale – the lighting especially. But it ensures a show that is really something to behold. The music, dance and performance and wearable art combine into an incredible extravaganza.”

People genuinely find it difficult to comprehend that almost every person involved in the production, on stage and off, is a student, such is the level of skill.

Surprises are certainly in store with 2012 Evento. The main performance art theme is ‘Clown Fish’, which is sure to inspire conjunctions of the circus and the seas.

There are four other categories within the show: Mythology, in which students have to create a character with its own back story; White Paper Avant Garde, in which costumes are made from paper; Retro Technology, which takes inspiration from machines that have helped shape our world; and Wonderland. Here the task is to create a character that could easily fit into Lewis Carroll’s classic story.

With an impressive count of entries and more new schools involved, taking the total to 10, it’s going to be a night of nights.

Mrs Street says the students’ enthusiasm fuels her own: "We all give so much, and its entirely voluntary, but when you see what is produced, how creative the kids are, how involved everyone becomes at all levels, then it just keeps you going. It’s an exciting time.”

Every year, she says, the standard gets higher and the students push themselves to do better and more interesting things. Some are old hands, having entered every year since Year 9.

The 10 best costumes will be chosen by a panel of five judges with backgrounds in art and textile, and will then go on to be judged again for the supreme award.

The winner will go to the holy grail of wearable art, the World of Wearable Art in Wellington.

Keywords: Manfeild Stadium