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By: Edelweiss  06-Dec-2011

Edelweiss Smallgoods
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E DELWEISS Smallgoods - Product list
Continental Fresh                        Price Unit
                                     Feilding Bratwurst (100% Beef) NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Wiener Bratwurst NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Turinger Bratwurst NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Garlic Bratwurst NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Beef Bratwurst NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Merquez Sausage NZ$ 19.90 kg
    Breakfast Sausage NZ$ 19.90 kg
    Boerewors NZ$ 19.50 kg
  Italian Sausage NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Toulouse Sausage NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Irish Sausage NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Laukanika Sausage NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Cumberland Sausage NZ$ 19.50 kg
    Greek Lamb Sausage (100% Lamb) NZ$ 22.90 kg
Continental cooked Sausages
    Weisswurst NZ$ 21.90 kg
    Swiss Bratwurst NZ$ 21.90 kg
Smoked and Cooked
  Rookworst NZ$ 24.50 kg
    Polish Sausage NZ$ 24.50 kg
    Andouille NZ$ 24.50 kg
    Frankfurter NZ$ 24.50 kg
    Chorizo NZ$ 24.50 kg 
    Edelweiss Cervelas NZ$ 24.50  kg
    Chilli Cracked Pepper Salami NZ$ 35.00 kg
    Edelweiss Alpine (Beer-) Stick  NZ$ 26.90 kg
Bacon and Ham
    Honey Cured Bacon Sliced 340gr NZ$ 10.00 each
  Coruba Bacon Sliced approx. 300gr NZ$ 10.00 each
  Champagne Ham  NZ$ 33.50 kg
Smoked and partially Dried Sausages      
    Swiss Saucisson NZ$ 27.90 kg
    Marty's Bavarian Pork Sausage (very lean) NZ$ 27.90 kg
Grilled Products
    Swiss Fleischkaese (meatloaf) NZ$ 21.90 kg
  Black Pudding NZ$ 22.90 kg
     Pate - Leberwurst  NZ$  31.90  kg
Cooked, Smoked and Cooked, Bacon and Ham, and Grilled Products
are vacuum packed
All prices are including GST, exclusive freight and subject to change 
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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