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Staff roles and the services we provide


The business unit of WRPHO is based on the Wanganui Hospital grounds and has a management, coordination, support and administration function. The roles in this area include:

The team consists of:

  • Administration Assistant - Katrina Kemp
  • Administration Officer / Accounts - Lisa Mailman
  • Administration Support - Amanda Collins

Providing administration support to the WRPHO team, which involves a variety of functions, including support to the Business Manager. A key role of administration is to ensure that responsive communication processes occur within the team, specifically to the CEO and management, the wider service and externally with key stakeholders.

Teresa Hague is responsible for developing and maintaining quality financial systems for WRPHO and its three subsidiary companies.  This includes identification and mitigation of financial risk and ensuring organisational compliance with legislative requirements.  Teresa also provides oversight of financial services carried out by WRPHO financial team on behalf of external primary health care entities requiring support with financial functions.

Alison Pavlovich maintains the financial functions of WRPHO and provides monthly financial statements, including financial forecasting and narrative reporting.  The application of sound accounting practice and provision of robust reports supports strategic decision making by WRPHO and subsidiary company Governance Boards.

Judith MacDonald is the WRPHO CEO. This role is responsible, accountable and focused on the results to be achieved, as outlined within the annual and strategic plans for the organisation. This includes financial, human resources, clinical indicators, business performance, community relationships and quality and risk performance. WRPHO is a PHO that has retained all business functions in-house and internally manages all these activities. In addition the CEO is a Director of the three subsidiaries of WRPHO - Whanganui Accident & Medical, Gonville Health and Taihape Health Ltd.

Julie Nitschke 's role as Clinical Director Primary Health is a strategic one. It focuses on collaborative initiatives and service models designed to meet population health needs, identifying infrastructure development opportunities to support clinicians in their roles, explorative and collaborative development of systems and processes to keep pace with local, regional and national initiatives.  Julie works with WRPHO Clinical Directors, general practice teams, Whanganui DHB Director of Nursing, Medical Director, Director of Allied Health and Funding and Planning Division.  She participates on a number of key groups, including community advisory group, clinical governance, mental health steering group, nurse leaders steering group, and is an advisory member on the WDHB Hospital Advisory Committee.  

This is an integral role in primary clinical leadership and governance, service planning, workforce development, nursing leadership and development, risk management, patient safety and striving for clinical excellence.

Barbara Cornor is responsible for the management of clinical staff working in the WRPHO Manaaki Hauora Wellness Support Team and the clinical management of Gonville Health general practice staff.

Karen Veldhoen designs and produces of a wide range of resources promoting and supporting WRPHO services, e.g. this website, service pamphlets, flyers, posters, logo development, certificates, photography, presentations, electronic noticeboard, etc. and is also involved in producing, critiquing and formatting publications, e.g. quarterly newsletters, service plans and reports. The media component to this role involves the production of regular newspaper adverts, articles, press releases, and the coordination of radio advertising and the exploration of other mediums for promotion.

This position is varied and includes the coordination, support and promotion of community and service wide projects, e.g. Healthy Homes project, Gonville Centre development, Grab a Bite That's Right project, Medication DUMP campaign, Breast Screening Campaign. As the point of contact for the service, this role maintains internal and external communications, especially between the WRPHO and general practices. The supporting of general practice also includes the coordination of a monthly 'Wanganui Inter-Professional Education' forum - providing clinicians opportunities for ongoing learning and upskilling.

Delia Williams provides diabetes education and management services to:

  • Clients that have lifestyle / medication compliance issues and require reassessment and review of their diabetes, including patients on insulin.
  • Newly diagnosed adults with type one diabetes
  • Glycaemia control issues
  • Suboptimal control for type two diabetes mellitus

Delia has clinics at both urban and rural locations within the Whanganui DHB region. Urban clinics are held at Aramoho Health Centre, Castlecliff Healthcare Ltd, Wicksteed House, Whanganui City Health and Te Waipuna Medical Centre. Rural clinics are held at Waimarino Health Ltd, Taihape & District Medical Trust, Ngati Rangi Community Health Centre and Rangitikei Health Centre. Delia can be contacted at Wanganui Hospital on (06) 348 3081.

Leo Brown is contracted by WRPHO to provide podiatry clinics for people diagnosed with diabetes, who meet the criteria for referral and have existing foot problems that require the attention of a specialist.

This service is provided free to the patient and held at both urban and rural clinics. Urban clinics are held at: Te Waipuna Medical Centre and Wanganui Foot Clinic. Rural Clinics are held at Ratana Health Care, Rangitikei Health Centre, Taihape Health Ltd and Waimarino Health Centre.

Sharon Duff supports new and existing health promotion initiatives. WRPHO works collaboratively with General Practices, Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority PHO, Whanganui DHB, Iwi health providers, Wanganui District Council, and other health, education and community organisations. Health promotion currently has a focus on the following areas:

  • Empowering communities by working with support groups, community groups, self-help groups, educational initiatives, Wanganui District Council, NGO’s.
  • Helping to build healthy environments. The WRPHO is involved in two home insulation projects for age specific groups. The initiatives are for clients with respiratory conditions.  
  • Working with the community to support healthy eating. WRPHO continues to support distributions of vegetable plants and tubers, vegetable seeds and fruit trees. We concentrate on distributing to low decile populations.
  • Working towards better access for all to health care. WRPHO works on supporting transport initiatives, efficient patient-centred care, and identifying the patient journey.

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) funding assists Registered Nurses undertaking postgraduate (level 8) Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) and New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved papers towards a formal postgraduate qualification.

Registered Nurses working in clinical practice in the Whanganui region (Primary Health Organisations, Whanganui District Health Board provider arm, Non-Government Organisations and Aged Care Sector) are invited to apply for HWNZ funding each year.

Darin Bailey and Robin Howard are responsible for the effective operation and maintenance of the service IT systems, ensuring optimum performance and availability. They coordinates the exchange of data within the WRPHO and between other health providers, and actively contributes to the administration management team.

The Manaaki Hauora Wellness Support Team is made up of various sub-groups:

  • B4 School Check Coordinator - Janine Spence
  • Chronic Care Management Team, Nurses - Rihipeti (Rihi) Karena, Tania Bailey and Laura Pepere
  • Chronic Care Management Team, Community Health Workers - Jackie Tataurangi, Andre Mason and Lucia Fua'ava
  • Immunisation Coordinator - Sue Hina
  • Immunisation Administration Support - Andrea Bishop
  • PATHS Coordinator - Chris Hogan
  • Renal Resource Nurse - Lee-Ora Lusis
  • Social Worker - Pam Scott
  • Strengthening Families - Tracy Matthews

The B4 Shool Check (B4SC) programme is designed to ensure all New Zealand children are prepared and supported to learn before they start school. The goal is to identify any behavioural, developmental or health concerns which may adversely affect the child’s ability to learn in the school environment and ensure appropriate referrals are made and action taken to support the child, their family and the school, improve child health outcomes, and reduce inequalities.  

In Whanganui the B4SC is provided by nurses within the general practice setting. The WRPHO also offers clinics in other community settings in the city and rural areas. This is a free health check, which is ideally offered shortly after a child's fourth birthday, to ensure that if any referrals are required as a result of the check that these are completed prior to the child starting school at five years. 

The Chronic Care Management Team works alongside GPs and the practice team, the patient and their families in the development of an integrated care plan. In this way the areas that are impacting on quality of life are addressed, which often results in reduced presentations to health services. The service works across sectors, such as housing, employment, Work & Income NZ and involves advocacy and support for patient and families, as well as supporting the GP to develop innovative solutions.

Referral is free through your Doctor or Practice Nurse, but you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Maori or Pacific Island ethnicity, or from the lower socio-economic group
  • High user of secondary inpatient services and/or high hospital admission rate
  • Have two or more chronic medical conditions and/or co-morbidities
  • Patients who would benefit from case management that are not under MCHT or MHA
  • Have lifestyle factors which impact on health

WRPHO delivers two contracts within the Immunisation Service:

  1. Immunisation Coordination - Contracted from the Ministry of Health this service aims to improve the health and well-being of:
    • Children/tamariki in the region by increasing scheduled vaccine coverage rates toward the national target of 95% fully vaccinated by two years of age.
    • Audits in the region by increasing the uptake of free influenza vaccination by those eligible.
  2. Outreach Immunisation Service - Contracted through the Whanganui District Health Board, this service is designed to enhance existing immunisation services by:
    • Building on and enlarging the capacity of current Well Child/Tamariki Ora and primary care services to provide immunisation within a range of contexts, including the home.
    • Using community networks to assist with locating children aged under five years, whose immunisations are substantially overdue and facilitating their vaccination by following up with the families of these children.

This programme was developed as part of the Sickness and Invalid Benefits Strategy. The Government, through the Ministry of Social Development, funded an integrated package of services to support sickness and invalid beneficiaries who want to get back into employment. The expert package of care compromises of a primary nurse, a mental health practitioner, a work and income case worker and a medical advisor. The nurse, Chris Hogan, provides support that focuses on managing health related barriers to employment.

The aim of PATHS is to ensure that, for PATHS participants, barriers to employment driven by health isses (identified at the commencement of the client's involvement in PATHS) have been successfully removed or minimised to the extent that return to paid work is possible.

The Renal Resource Nurse Lee-Ora Lusis works alongside patients, carers and their whanau, supporting them with health issues associated with kidney disease. Also connecting with the three main health providers (Mid-Central Specialist Renal Unit, Wanganui Hospital, Wanganui General Practices) involved in supporting patients with renal disease.

The social work service is undertaken in conjunction with the general practice teams, counsellors and clinicians within the Manaaki Hauora Wellness Support Team. This provides a more holistic approach to both the medical treatment you receive and social work support. The Social Worker will:

  • Visit you in your home at a time convenient for you
  • Talk through any concerns and assist with problem solving
  • Prioritise and set tasks to assist with any concerns
  • Assist with accessing relevant community services
  • Advocate on your behalf with other community agencies

Strengthening Families is a valuable process, which family/whanau with children under the age of 17 years old can access if they are requiring support and assistance to address issues that may be presenting for the adults and/or children in the family/whanau unit.  Family/whanau have to have two or more agencies involved already, e.g. GP, Plunket, School, Childcare agency, WINZ, Jigsaw Whanganui, and have to give consent in order for the Strengthening Families process to proceed.  Referral and consent forms can be obtained from the Strengthening Families Co-ordinator based at WRPHO.

Janine Rider is responsible for the operational management of WRPHO's primary health carestrategies, goals and objectives. Her portfolio covers financial, human resources, contractual and information management.  This incorporates quality systems and processes, including the implementation, monitoring and reporting of contractual/service provision (internally and externally). The Operations Manager supports WRPHO by providing strategic and operational advice, information and assistance to the operational team, as well as supporting the CEO by providing process and information to assist Governance with decision making.

Fiona Corbin is a qualified clinical pharmacist, who works closely with the patient, their doctor and any other health professionals involved in their care, to help ensure that the patient is obtaining the maximal benefit from their medicines. This service will:

  • Help you understand how your medicines work and the benefits you can expect from them
  • Help to ensure that all your medicines (prescription and others, e.g. 'over the counter', herbal, etc) work together
  • Provide you with lifestyle advice to ensure that your medicines are working best for you
  • Help to ensure that you are getting the most benefit from your medicines

Piri Rurawhe is the Pou Takenga / Cultural Liaison Officer for the service. The key responsibilities for this role are to work alongside the WRPHO team and wider members, to develop increased cultural competency, awareness and knowledge through maximising mentoring, education and training opportunities. Piri supports the team through cultural leadership to ensure respect for Tikanga and Kawa. He is responsible for engaging with key stakeholders to support the development and implementation of the WRPHO Annual Maori Health Plan.

Robyn Finucane aims to work alongside general practice teams in the Whanganui district to achieve Cornerstone Accreditation, Performance Management Programme targets, immunisation and diabetes rates, and safe, effective, efficient, personalised, timely, equitable patient centred care, through:

  • Supporting practices to redesign care processes
  • Effective use of information technology
  • Knowledge and skills management
  • Strengthening teams
  • Coordination of care across patient condition services and settings over time
  • Use of performance and outcome measurement for continuous quality improvement and accountability

She also undertakes to lead the introduction of any new clinical initiatives e.g. Dr Info, Dashboard, smoking cessation and the cervical screening contract.

The team consists of:

  • Mainstream Counsellors - Barbara Charuk, Janet Mace, Sue McMenamin and Debbie Biggar
  • Kaupapa Maori Counsellors (Kaiwhakaruruhau) - Del Davis and Tina Thompson

WRPHO has a contract with the Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Health to provide early intervention mental health services to people presenting in general practices with mild to moderate mental health issues. The Ministry of Social Development contract focuses on sickness and invalid beneficiaries who are diagnosed with stress and depression anxiety. The service comprises of counsellors integrated within general practice surgeries and a community based social worker. The team works closely with other WRPHO clinicians and other community agencies.

Matt Rayner carries out this role, providing administrative services to specific projects within WRPHO.  The two current key projects are the Whanganui District Diabetes Contract and the PHO Performance Programme. Other projects include the Skin Lesion project, Population Health and register management.

Angela Johnson provides leadership and facilitation to ensure identified WRPHO services and projects reflect the needs of the WRPHO population, and that activity is delivered to a high standard with key objectives achieved. This role  supports the development, improvement and maintenance of identified services and projects. Current areas of focus are:

  • Family Violence
  • Diabetes - chronic care
  • Child Health
  • Immunisation Contracts (Childhood and HPV)  
  • Before School Check
  • Pasifika Health

Jeanette Hague's role focuses on the development of infrastructures, including quality structure, policy development, records management and archiving, and customer relations.

WRPHO views compliments, complaints, feedback and suggestions as valuable tools to assist us in maintaining or improving our standard of services to the community.  We encourage you to talk to Jeanette if you have a concern about any of our services. Many complaints or concerns can be resolved quickly, once they are brought to our attention.