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By: Mailenable  06-Dec-2011


MailEnable provides a secure messaging platform to safeguard your system against unauthorized access and unsolicited mail or viruses.

Authentication methods such as

, NTLM, and advanced

control access to your mail server. Accounts can be locked out after too many failed attempts to prevent an unauthorized user from gaining access to the system.

MailEnable employs several methods of

, to effectively reduce the amount of junk mail received by the user or the mail system. MailEnable features message and

, greylists/whitelists, allow/block lists,

, auto-training

filtering and several other features for stopping unwanted e-mails being delivered.

To protect your system from viruses, MailEnable integrates with a variety of

in order to scan for viruses on all incoming or outgoing messages.

Scalability & Stability

MailEnable allows


. The system only stores server specific configuration data in the registry of the local machine. This effectively means that you can install multiple server nodes and point them at the same storage repository. By load balancing and clustering Front-End Servers (IIS, SMTP/POP, IMAP) the system can effectively scale out very easily.

MailEnable's open and modular architecture and service isolation promotes maximum uptime because the system is comprised of different logical processes. For example, if one service should fail, other services are not necessarily affected.