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By: Mahi Atua Landscaping  06-Dec-2011
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We provide a free initial consultation to look at the site and discuss the client’s requirements or vision.  This is an opportunity to look at all the options.

Areas of the site must be designated for a specific purpose.  Once these areas have been defined the designs can begin to transform and enrich the property.

Some clients want to install gardens and complete the design leaving the landscape with relatively low maintenance.  Others prefer to allow their gardens to evolve and often the vision will also change as they grow into their new garden.

Maintenance is an important part of our service as it ‘keeps us honest’ - we can look at what works well and, more importantly, what is not successful.  Maintenance gives us continuity in a landscape and we are able to monitor problems should they occur such as drainage, moisture deficiency, pest, disease or weed infestation.  These issues can be assessed and solutions implemented.

Planting is an integral part of our work. There are many factors to be considered when planting.  The scale, proportion, colour, texture, form, line, tactility, scent can all be manipulated to define order, unity, dominance, rhythm, balance and harmony.  Planting sets the mood for the landscape, it can invite you in or discourage access.  There are environment issues to be considered also such as soil type, drainage, exposure to the elements, and then you may prefer natives to exotics (maybe not) and would you like to attract the tui and kereru?  There may be companion planting to be looked at to reduce pests and disease.  As you can see the options are infinite.  That is why you can have your own, unique landscape with areas which inspire the mood you have set.

Tree and hedge trimming is another interesting aspect of landscaping as it can change the mood of an area and create access ways directing movement or adding interest.  Hedge trimming can be used on many different scales and for varying effects.  Trimming and pruning of trees can open up views or vistas, let light in, give other trees or plants more room for growth and significantly increase the general health of the surrounding environment by allowing in light and air circulation which reduces pests and diseases.  Tree trimming can also have a dramatic effect on the safety (eg dead twigs/branches can scratch, slippery ground due to dead and rotting foliage) and health (eg air thick with dust, small bugs and fungi) of an area and can transform a part of your garden from one to avoid to an attractive space to spend time.

Section clearing can reveal many treasures such as unexpected contours and native trees hiding in amongst a disarray of debris.  It can uncover the ‘canvas’ on to which the design will be drawn.

Rock work – rock walls or borders.  Our quarry provides us with rocks which can be used for many aspects of landscaping from gravel driveways/paths or even garden mulch to rock walls or garden features.

Paths and track finding and cutting is a specialty of Jay’s.  No matter how difficult the terrain Jay can find a way to access areas.  Tracks can enhance views, take you safely and effortlessly to another area.  Tracks can range from an accessway in undisturbed bush or an edged, mulched pathway.  Safety is always the priority.

Landscape construction gives an instant facelift to a garden. 

Hard landscaping can range from a retaining wall, deck, pergola, paving, raised garden, water feature to a fence or barrier.  Itallows for many more options and opportunities.  Landscape construction may be used for practical and/or ornamental purposes.

Soft landscaping may be recontouring an area, soil conditioning, mulching, planting of groundcovers through to semi mature trees, turf work or garden maintenance. As with hard landscaping this may be for practical and/or ornamental purposes, whatever the reason the result should bring pleasure.  Gardens have a dynamic nature and they change with the seasons and it has been proven that they have a beneficial effect on humankind. The combination of hard and soft landscaping is when the fun really begins!

Pest, disease and weed consultation, as mentioned with maintenance, can be the difference between a lovely (albeit sad) garden and a great garden.  These issues can be evaluated and addressed. 

Turf – lawn installations, restorations and weed/pest/disease related issues.  Soil and grass can be assessed and recommendations made.  An implemented maintenance programme for turf is the key to a healthy lawn.

Keywords: Gardens, Hedge Trimming, Planting, Section Clearing, Tree and Hedge Trimming, Trees