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By: Made In Nippon  06-Dec-2011
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Japanese Foods

  • Soy sauce- essential for any Japanese dishes, such as sushi.
  • Miso soup- made from soybeans. It is said one soup a day gives you longevity.
  • Mirin- sweet cooking sake, which can make nice teriyaki sauce
  • Dashi seasoning- from bonito fish or kombu kelp, which produce nice flavour
  • Shirataki noodle- famous for dietary food, diabetes food
  • Wasabi- Japanese horseradish
  • Sushi vinegar- you can make sushi rice using just this
  • Green tea- great flavour, great for body.
  • Edamame- green soybeans.
  • Bulk food- for restaurants, take aways
  • Natto- fermentated soybeans. Smells but healthy!
  • Tempura flour- you can make fancy tempura at home
  • Japanese curry- very easy, very yummy
  • Rice cracker- popular crunchy soy flavour crackers
  • Pocky chocolate- No.1 long time popular Japanese sweets
  • Udon noodle- great for noodle soup, stir fry.
  • Okonomiyaki sauce- Japanese savory pancakes, okonomiyaki is worth to try
  • Sesame products- sesame has great nutrition food

Japanese Products

  • Kimono- casual kimono, traditional kimono and obi (seconds)
  • Yukata- wide range for patterns, 100% cotton
  • Japanese sandals- origin of jandals!
  • Kitchen utensils- grater, slicer and so on
  • Sashimi knife & water stones- professional use
  • Lunch box- traditional lunch box
  • Chopsticks- variety of patters, great for gift
  • Tea ceremony goods- bowls, whisks and tea powders
  • Calligraphy goods- brush, ink, papers
  • Origami- from plain to patterned washi papere
  • Japanese dolls- kokeshi dolls, lucky cats, darma
  • Japanese traditional clothing- happy jacket
  • Japanese umbrella- made of paper. Beautiful shape and pattern
  • Japanese chochin lantern- vinyl with writing
  • Noren door hanging- great picture
  • Restaurant items- kitchen utensils, decorations
  • Japanese traditional tansu drawers- antiques
  • Japanese vegetable slicer

Japanese Alcohols

Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Yebisu beer in various sizes from Japan!
Wide range of Japanese sake, plum wine and chu-hi.

Liquor shop is located at mezzanine level, back of Made In Nippon retail shop.

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Keywords: Japanese Products