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By: Lynx Internet  06-Dec-2011
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A domain name means that a site can be addressed with your company name, or a name associated with your company. eg. You can choose your domain name but it must be unique on the Internet.

If you want to use your domain name with your web site, eg. '' you will also require virtual hosting.

Setup Fee: $80.00 (FREE If domain is already registered.)
Yearly Renewal: $45.00
Secondary DNS (for backup): $20.00 p/a

  • Domain Parking is $5.00 p/m.
  • We hold your domain name.
  • We provide DNS for your domain.
  • Default "Under Construction" page.

Domain URL Forwarding

If you want to forward your domain to a web site at some other URL, then this is the simplest and most cost effective plan. You can forward requests for your domain to any URL you like, for example if you have setup a free web site with Tripod or GeoCities (or even your ISP) you can make it appear as if it has its own domain name.

Setup Fee: FREE
Monthly Charges: $5.00

  • All HTTP requests for your domain will be forwarded to the URL of your choice.

Setup Fee: FREE
Monthly Charges: $5.00

  • Available on all hosting plans.
  • Can be changed at anytime.

Setup Fee: FREE
Monthly Charges: $5.00 for up to 3 mailboxes, $3 per mailbox there after.

  • WebMail and POP3 access.
  • Without Dial-up Access


This allows your to use your own domain name and have it hosted on our server and accessed via you own company's URL eg. this also includes FTP access to our server so that you can access your files.

If you don't have a domain name we can register one for you.

There are many reasons why your company should be on the World Wide Web.

  • No other media can match the speed of delivery.
  • Supplying up-to-date information.
  • Increasing the quantity of information.
  • The Internet markets to the world.
  • Easily found when searched for.
  • Easy communication with customers.

Installation Fee: $50.00

Monthly Charges: $40.00

  • Server/s monitored 24 Hours a day.
  • Secure Server option available.
  • FTP access, so you can access and update your files.
  • Supports MySQL, SSL, CGI Scripts and lots more.
  • 50 Megabytes storage. and thereafter $10.00 per Megabyte or part thereof per month.
  • Traffic limit of 500 Megabytes per month, and thereafter $0.20 per Megabyte will apply.

We can help you get your company on the web, everything from hosting your site to designing your web pages.


  • The initial consultation.
  • Monthly statistical report.
  • Strategic Internet and WWW marketing advice.
  • The design, composition and validation of the WWW pages.
  • Adaptation of existing information and promotion material.
  • The sizing, cleaning and compression of images.
  • The demonstration and testing of the finished pages prior to launching.
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Keywords: Domain Name, Web Site