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By: Lyfords  05-Apr-2012
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A Great opportunity to simplify investing

Since it was launched in 1997, Private Portfolio Service master fund (PPS) has grown to over $900 million in managed funds. The performance of its funds has been extremely competitive. PPS is one of the fastest growing systems of its type in New Zealand, and reflects where the 'smart money' is now going.

PPS is an exclusive system available only to our clients and those of other selected financial planners in New Zealand.

Note particularly the recovery in returns over the last 2 years.

How it works

PPS is a highly efficient way to administer the core part of your investment portfolio. In addition to the range of unit trusts, PPS also provides an identical range of registered superannuation products. There are currently 13 fund managers and a total of 22 individual funds, these are listed below.

A specially appointed investment committee, assisted by the extensive research skills of leading investment analysis company, William M Mercer, has selected these funds. Mercers' role is to rate and comment on various investment managers and to provide recommendations as to the best combination of companies to use.

Our role is to establish, in conjunction with you, your risk profile, goals and aspirations and, from there, determine an appropriate asset allocation. PPS has ten different sector funds representing a variety of sectors in the investment spectrum. Our recommendation will help identify how much of your money should go into each of these sectors.

alternatively, if only a small sum is being initially invested, the PPS Balanced Fund or aggressive balanced may be utilised since it has a set asset allocation, which is assigned by OnePath (NZ) Ltd.

The key reasons why we decided to implement Private Portfolio Service Master Trust as the core part of an investment portfolio for the following reasons:

  • PPS provides access to wholesale funds not normally available to individual investors.
  • You may invest in all or some of the 24 funds through just the one investment, dramatically reducing the amount of paperwork you receive.
  • Asset allocation can be done more efficiently, enabling us to take advantage of changing economic circumstances.
  • PPS provides extended flexibility for your investing. For example, money can be added or withdrawn with ease.
  • You have the potential to receive enhanced performance from your investments through the use of an outstanding selection of top-producing fund managers, which are monitored and upgraded on a regular basis.

While PPS represents the solid 'core' of your investment portfolio, we can also incorporate any other investments that you may have (e.g. direct equities, direct fixed interest, or managed funds which are not part of PPS) through our comprehensive portfolio monitoring reports.

Wholesale Fund Managers Used:

Sector Funds

Underlying Funds

New Zealand Fixed Interest Fund

Tyndall investments - Asteron Corporate Bond trust
OnePath Secure Income Fund
AMP NZ Fixed Interest

International Fixed Interest Fund

BT Wholesale Global Fixed Interest Fund
Tower/Pimco International Bond Fund

Trans Tasman selected Equities Fund

Tyndall Aggressive Australian Equities Fund
OnePath Equity Selection Fund

Australian Equities Fund

Concord Capital Ltd
Orbis Australian equities Fund

International Equities Fund

International Equities Fund

International Equities

Mortgage Fund

Portfolio Mortgage Company

Asia Global Emerging Markets Fund

Congest Growth Asia - ex Japan
Aberdeen Global Asia Pacific Fund

Property Fund

OnePath Trans Tasman Property Fund
ING Wholesale International Property Securities Fund

European Equities

Odey European Allegra Fund

Balanced Fund

This fund is a mix of the above funds. Asset allocation is determined by OnePath (NZ) Ltd and the Investment Committee.

Aggressive Balanced Fund

This fund is a mix of the above funds. Asset allocation is determined by OnePath (NZ) Ltd and the Investment Committee.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Financial Planners, Investment Portfolio, Private Portfolio Service

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