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By: Luxaflex  06-Dec-2011
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Exclusive to LUXAFLEX, DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades are the ultimate in energy efficiency and distinctive design.

Great Energy Efficiency

The unique DUETTE ARCHITELLA fabric features a patented honeycomb within-a-honeycomb cell construction. DUETTE ARCHITELLA provides three distinct air pockets, dramatically increasing the product's ability to keep heat in and cold out.

More Luminous Colours

 the inner layers of DUETTE ARCHITELLA fabric creates the most radiant colour palette - even in the brightest light.

More Uniformed Appearance

The inner TruPleat construction of DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades, keeps every shade crisp and consistent from front to back and top to bottom.

DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades are available in the 20mm Panache Translucent and Opaque (block out), 20mm Elan Translucent and Opaque fabric offering a subtle, swirling look and smooth finish.

Choose from these design options:

Top-Down shades 

Shades lower from the top only, which allows light in whilst maintaining privacy. Available with ULTRAGLIDE, EasyRise and Standard Cord Lock Operating Systems. 

Top-Down / Bottom Up Shades

Moving centre rail and bottom rail, open the shade top down, bottom up or both. This enables you to enjoy increased light control and enhanced privacy. Available with ULTRAGLIDE and Standard Cord Lock Operating Systems.

Day-Night Shades

Having two fabrics on one shade provides the ultimate solution for both light control and privacy, as you simply adjust the amount of each fabric you would like to see, this is ideal for bedrooms. Available with ULTRAGLIDE, Standard Cord Lock and ULTRAGLIDE Operating System.

Choose from these Operating systems:

Standard Cord Lock

Shades stack at the top of the slim headrail for a simple traditional look. Cords can be neatly secured around cord cleats when the shade is raised. 


ULTRAGLIDE Shades incorporate an innovative lifting system that allows you to operate your shade using a single retractable cord maintaining a consistent cord length regardless of the position of the blind.

EasyRise Shades

The EasyRise Lifting System offers a continuous cord loop for easy movement of the shade. This cord is fixed to the wall so it cannot form a loop.

LiteRise Shades

LiteRise Lifting System is a completely cordless system for operating energy efficient DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades, for the ultimate in child safety.  With the LiteRise Lifting System, your DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shade is simply raised or lowered with your hand on the bottom rail of the blind.

PowerRise Shades

For ultimate convenience and control DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades can be easily automated with your choice of wall switch, automated or remote options that are perfect for hard to reach windows. 


Three distinct air pockets for superior energy efficiency and increased insulation.  


DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades feature a patented honeycomb within-a-honeycomb cell Construction providing superior energy saving.

Vibrant Colours

The multiple layers of fabric in DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades preserve the  fabric colours and textures in bright sunlight and in opaque fabrics. 

Easy to Clean

DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades are made from anti-static, dust-resistant polyester, making them easy to clean.

What is the value of R-Value in Winter?


R-value measures a product's ability to keep heat in and cold out. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation. 

Research reveals that up to 30% of heat loss from your home occurs through uncovered windows, so choosing the appropriate window protection can save you money on energy bills. 

DUETTE ARCHITELLA Shades, with R-Values ranging from 0.67 - 0.84, are the most energy efficient internal window covering in our product range.

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