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By: Luminos  06-Dec-2011
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Often, key functions of a business are not accomplished or completed effectively This is due to a shortage of resources and/or affordability as a result of limited revenues. This is limiting to any company and can have a serious impact on a company's ability to grow or be sustainable. If this is your company..please keep reading.

Do you want to save costs internally, improve revenues and have happy clients that return to you for more business?


These key services are fundamental to successful operations, without implementing these functions effectively or at all can cost your business profit and clients.

If your business is at a point of expansion, or your projects need careful management, it is important to handle these opportunities in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

To save costs and ensure the resource you select has the right expertise; it is not always an effective solution to employ a full-time staff member.

We can deliver the people you need - fast.

They will help you deliver your project on time and on spec.

No costly overheads ..just effective project management and implementation.

If you have project management under control..that's great!!

However, is your data under control? Do you know where all your critical business information is, or is this data:

  • Stored in peoples file cabinets
  • Stored on hard drives (not on a server)
  • Stored in all sorts of inconsistent ways?

If you like the idea of being able to access all information that relates to projects, finance, research etc at any point in time, Luminos can help you. We can set up your data and knowledge for you and train your staff how to maintain this. Once this is in place you will find that not only are you happy because you can find the information you want, when you want, but your staff will realise that they can too. Knowledge management saves time for your staff and those that generate reports..this has to good for your bottom line.

Do you need to produce any of these?

  • strategic plan
  • business plan
  • business case
  • client plan
  • identify or analyse your key clients
  • Competitive analysis


or implement any of these effectively, but you are not that sure how to achieve it?

Marketing your company is an absolute must, many businesses do not realise the power and necessity of a clear market strategy. Let us ask you a few questions:

  • Are you achieving your you have one?
  • Do you have a marketing plan?
  • Do you need to boost sales?
  • Would you like to target a different demographic?
  • How strong is your brand?
  • When people think about the product or service you sell, do they think about your company?
  • Do you have professional brochures and business collateral?
  • Do you have a successful message?
  • Do you have a website?

If you have said no to any of these or yes to some, but you are not sure how to achieve them, or think "I can not afford to market my business", please call us. I assure you, we can help you to not only afford to market your business, but improve your bottom line!

  • Administrative support
  • Project management mentoring & training

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Project Management