Luminos - S12 - Single 1x2 Switch

By: Luminos Industries  06-Dec-2011

The single 1x2 switch is a standard 1x2 configuration with 3 fibers and 2 states.

Optical Connectivity

The following diagrams show the optical connections for the different states. The numbers identify the fiber endpoints. In state 1, fibers 1 and 3 are connected. In state 2, fibers 1 and 2 are connected.

Single 1X2 Switch Options

S12 -X1 -X2 -X3 -X4 -X5 -X6 -X7

X1: Fiber Type
X2: Latching
X3: Connectors
X4: Cables
X5: Cable Length
1 1.0 Meter (Default)
2 0.5 Meter
3 2.0 Meters
X6: Voltage
X7: Loss

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The elimination of any lenses in the moving fiber design mean the CORALIGN™ switch is wavelength independent and can handle any wavelength compatible with the fiber used. The simplicity of the direct fiber to fiber connection through an air or oil filled gap allow CORALIGN™ switches to achieve the lowest insertion losses in the industry.