If marmageddon has taught us anything

By: Lowry Peaks  05-Apr-2012

If Marmageddon has taught us anything it is to buy in bulk! Widespread panic was felt in our household when panic buying cleared the supermarket shelves of the NZ staple spread, Marmite. Did we have enough to last us until July? Investigations deep into the pantry revealed several large jars and blood pressures returned to normal! And the lesson here: always buy in bulk!

Now you too can ensure your uninterrupted supply of Lowry Peaks Traditional Fruits products via our new and improved website. By registering you are able to purchase your Lowry Peaks products in bulk and ensure that your cheese never goes without its perfect companion and your sausages always remain saucy. We hope that you enjoy this new feature!

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The Davisons at Lowry Peaks


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