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Sausages   0.7g each available at Mad Butcher Christchurch, Auckland, Rotorua, Whangerei - beef and a mexican

MILLION DOLLAR PREMIUM BACON - sugar free and no nitrate bacon in New World Remuera - its fantastic!

Sugar Free Bacon  In Auckland  -    Jachin writes.......
There is a place in Auckland that does sugar free bacon. Virtually all bacon contains nitrates (not allowed on Atkins induction) & sugar. This one only has salt added. It is very nice, and you're not
paying for water weight. They will freight it to you.
NB you may see their brand in the supermarkets, this variety is *not* sugar free.
Henderson's Dry Cure, PO Box 40523, Glenfield, Auckland - Ph 09-415-1951 - Fax 09-415-1953

Sugar Free Bacon In Christchurch
Hendersons..107 Brighton Mall..Christchurch        Phone 3826-026
Open from 8 each week day till 4 pm, and 2 pm on a Friday  - $18 per kilo
Best to phone before going there just to make sure he has some

Bought some pork crackle at the chinese shop in Auckland, e.g. Tai Ping, Food Alley-Thai Shop (Downtown), Royal Oak Mall-chinese shop about $5.00/$6.00 a packet. Ask them how long on the shelf? So that you don't taste the after taste oil. 

Organic Meats
Harmony meats in Paeroa have it, it is smoked bacon, you slice it real thin to eat, no carbs guaranteed, can imagine it with a dot of cream cheese on, no crackers needed.
Got from them today, Organic Mince $9.95 per kilo, Ox Kidneys $2 each, gravy beef $9.95 per kilo and a lamb rolled roast $16.95, Bacon at $7 per packet not cheap but organic.
There web site is

Kranskys are a sausage that have less than 1gm of carb each. They are delicious. I have bought them in Foodtown, New World and Woolworth's supermarkets - Sue


Best Foods Real Mayonnaise - found in most supermarkets - 0.2g carbs per serve

Hellmann's Real Vinaigrette - sundried tomato with olive oil. 290ml bottle for $1.99. contains per 100mls: 1.9 gms carb. Per 
Tblspn: 0.4gms carb  from The Warehouse

- Ngareta has found - Ojai Cook brand (pronounced Oh Hi !!) available at Woolworth's with the deli product ranges usually - no carbs. There are a number of varieties and they are really tasty.

Salad dressings: 'Paul Newman's own' - found in Woolworth's
But low carbs in some flavours. 
Red Wine Vinaigrette 7.6g/100ml, 
Romano Italiano Vinaigrette 1.7g/100ml and 
Parmesan and Garlic Dressing 5.2g/100ml

Kris found Zrabo's delicatessen in Newmarket Auckland produces a range of dressings that are really tasty and made with no added sugar. Caesar, Blue Cheese and other flavours all use natural and unpreserved ingredients 

Pams New American Mayo - this product is rated 0 carbs BUT contains  (a pop-up window will open). 

ETA Creamy Pesto Dressing 2.6 carb per serving

Golden Circle Diet Drinks
.  Flavours include Tropical Punch (3.0g carb per can), Lemon (1.9g per can), Golden Pash (3.0 carbs per can), Orange (2.6 carbs per can) and Lemon & Lime (1.9 carbs per can). All are sweetened with Splenda.

SPREE Diet Coke and Diet Lemonade both made with SPLENDA available from Pak-n-Save 

Cordials - Baker Hall Orange & Barley cordial sweetened with Splenda Drinks - 
Barker and Halls at Pak n Save - lemon squash

Pepsi Max  available anywhere 0.01 carbs and is sweetened with Phenylalanine*

Kavli Crackers
(11 Digestible gms of carbs in 3 large thin crackers), great for something to have your pate or cheese on.  No hydrogenated oils, no sugar, no additives. Contain no wheat....... Available at Pak N Save.


DeSpa Chocolate  A range of sugar-free chocolates sweetened with sugar alcohol check for a list of NZ outlets

Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate
50g sweetened with SPLENDA available at Healthy Living 16 shops in NZ malls and at most Shell station in greater Wellington area

Cadbury's Lite Chocolate 7.1g carbs per 100g - available in most supermarkets - (this is sweetened with NutraSweet???? and can cause problems on Low Carb)

Lindt excellence dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids (French). very rich and a quick fix to choc cravings. available in 35gm (8 squares) bars and contain 32% carbs or 11.2g per bar which makes each square 1.4g each. I usually have a cpl of squares a day to satiate my sugar/choc needs as I find all artificial sweeteners very chemically tasting. Great to keep in the hand bag as even if you get carried away and eat the whole bar, it is not going to throw low carbing out too much. retail at approx $1.30 so similar in price to most other chunky-size choc bars. (Available in Wgtn at the snack shop next to STA Travel in Cuba Mall (Ghuznee St end). Lindt also do large 100g bars which I know some New Worlds stock. Only the 70% cocoa solid bars are low carb. price at about $3.95 per bar)

EAS Sugar Free Perfection  3 flavours, 
Peanut Caramel Crunch bar 2g Net carbs (sort of like a snickers bar with less peanuts), 
Creamy Chocolate Bar 1g Net carbs (milk chocolate),                 
Chocolate crisp bar 1g Net carbs (chocolate with crispy bits). Available at Foodtown, Woolworth's, Countdown 


Fish - Sealords Fish Fillets - most supermarkets

Pickled Gherkins
Country Lane Pickled Gherkins - 400gm jar from Foodtown Contains Cyclamate & Saccarin. Only 1.6gm Carbs per 100gm

Soy Flour - good price at Binn Inn

Pams Cocoanut Cream 400g tin - 1.5 carbs per 100g ZERO sugar - available at New World

Ground Linseed and Soy Flour we use a lot from Bin Inn - have found it the cheapest place to buy

Weight Watchers Apricot Jam - sweetened with cyclamate and saccharine ???? - check label though as some have changed - bought at countdown. 2.0g carb but 1.5 is fibre. per serve.

Weight watchers mousse - sweetened with aspartame???? - I make this with 1/2 soy and 1/2 water as it brings the carbs down by 1/2. 

Gluten Flour
from Bin Inn, but you can get it from a few supermarkets. It's from Healtheries, and is in a box. I just buy it from Bin Inn (about $7 a kilo, compared to 500g for $5-something for the Healtheries brand). The gluten should be about 70-75% protein, the one from Bin Inn definitely is, and I'm sure the Healtheries brand is too. It works out to about 24g carbs for 1 Cup. American recipes call it "Vital Wheat Gluten" or similar. 
  • Puhoi Creamy Blue & Parmesan Dip <1g per 100g.

  • Vita-wheat Crispbreads, many flavours, lowest carb is 9 grain at <3 digestible carbs each cracker, no trans fat.

  • Delish Asparagus in spring water, 2.5g per 100g.

  • Good taste Co Asian Soy & Sesame Vinaigrette, 1.4g per 25ml serve.

  • Brunswick Seafood snacks (Herring in lemon & cracked pepper) 0.67g per 100g (source of Omega 3 and milder taste than sardines).

  • Sealord flavoured Tuna from 8.7g per 100g for Tai red curry to 4.9g for lemon pepper, and 2.9g for smoked. I occasionally have half a 185g tin on my lunch salad instead of ham, or chicken.

  • Emma Mushrooms sliced in sauce 3.9g per 100g.

  • Wattie’s Potato bake Garlic & Rosemary 4.1g per 100g. Use as sauce for cauliflower, or vegetable bake.

  • Sheer Delite no added sugar 99% fat free ice cream Chocolate & Berry Fusion flavours. Woolworth’s. Berry fusion 14.4g per 100g. Sweetened with Splenda.

  • Classic Diet Cola sweetened with Splenda, Pak’n’Save, New World. Best tasting diet cola I've found. I can't taste any artificial chemical aftertaste like I can with Diet coke and Pepsi max. 0.36g per 355ml can. Cheap, approx $6.00 per dozen at Pak’n’Save.

  • Jok n Al Sauces at New World, and Bin Inn. my favourites are Mint sauce 2g per 30ml, Chilli pepper sauce 4g per 30g

  • For something to serve your curry, casserole or stir-fry on, try pureeing some cooked cauliflower, mix in a tablespoon of creme fraiche or cream, an egg, and some crushed garlic, salt & pepper. It can almost pass as garlic mashed spud, but the texture isn't as smooth. One recipe I read had a leek as well, but I haven't tried this.

  • "Balance Muscle Technology - 100% Pure Ion Exchange Whey". Has 0.5g carbs for 1 serving (3 scoops). Available from Rebel Sports, about $47 for a large 750g pottle. It's an unflavoured powder. Don't buy this for baking you'll end up with a texture similar to that of those squeezy "stress balls"!!

    "The Sport Food Company - Protein Diet Food". Has 2.25g carbs per serving (2 scoops), comes in chocolate and vanilla flavours. Available from Countdown for about $18 for a 500g container. Good for shakes and baking - this is the one I use for baking.



    Chewing Gum - xtra & airwaves use Isomalt
    Double D's use Isomalt
    Ricci Lollies use Splenda
    Sugar Free Thrifty use Cyclamate* & Saccharin*
    Cadbury's Lite use NutraSweet*
    Zero Sweets use Cyclamate* 
    Weight Watchers Jellies use Cyclamate*

    *Cyclamate, Saccharin, NutraSweet, Aspartame & Phenylalanine are not recommend on Low Carb as they can stall weight loss!

    The importers of SPLENDA supplied the following list TABLE TOP Splenda Brand Sweetener - Splenda Granular - 55g & 120g
    - Splenda Tablets - 200's & 300's 

    Ricci Sugar Free Drops
    Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Blackcurrant
    Ricci Lite 'n' Luscious Sugar Free Chews Memorable Mints, Creamy Caramels,      Fabulous  Fruits, Lavish Liquorice
    Double "D" Sugar Free Delights Lemon/Lime, Orange/Mango
    Sugar Free (Evans Confectionery) Caramels - Premium, Chocolate, Mint, Ice Blue Mints

    Sugar Free Kicks (Darrell Lea) -
    Apple, Lemon, Orange & Rock melon
    Sugar Free Milk Chocolate DAIRY Major Supermarket Chains
    No Added Sugar Ice Cream -
    *Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Apricot, Kiwi fruit, 
    Diet Ice Cream - *
    Strawberry, Vanilla,
    NZ Dairy Fresh 'n Fruity -
    Strawberry, Summer Shapes 
    * I don't know which brands these are!


    Jok'n ' A! Products Low Energy Jam -
    Apricot, Strawberry, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry, Blackcurrant
    Jok 'n' A1 Products Low Energy Sauces -
    Apple sauce, Apricot sauce, Mint sauce, Toppings, Tomato Ketchup & Relish, Chilli Pepper Sauce 

    Sunraysia Natural Beverage Co -
    Diet Cranberry drink, Diet Lemon Squash, Diet Ruby Red Grapefruit
    Golden Circle Soft Drink -
    Diet Orange, Diet Tropical Punch, Diet Golden Pash, Diet Lemon, Diet Lime  NZ FOODSTUFFS CHAIN
    1.5L & 1L PET & 350ml Cans - Diet Classic Cola, Spree Diet Lemonade
    Sugar Free Fruit Flavoured Drinks -
    Raspberry, Tangerine & Lemon/Lime
    Power Drink -
    Lemon Drink
    Baker Halls Original -
    Low calorie barley & orange concentrate, Low calorie barley & lemon concentrate, Low calorie barley & lime concentrate  MISCELLANEOUS Aunt Betty's Healthy De-lites - Apricot diet steamed pudding

    If you know of more product please so we can share it with others

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