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By: Low Carb Nz  06-Dec-2011
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My thoughts on these products. This can be a great snack, 4 layers to a pack I find  ½ layer great, pure fruit plus the added fibre, good to carry around and not be tempted by carbs!

This is a real health shop in a wrapper.

  • Not only pure natural ingredients, but also full of fibre (8 weet-bix per bar) from; fruit, Fibre Sweet, and Psyllium Husk.

  • It's packed with essential fatty acids from linseed and soy; and brain food from Lecithin. 

  • What's more it's low glycemic index, so it is suitable for diabetics. 

  • And if you have allergies to gluten and dairy products, this is for you, as it is totally free of both. 

  • It is also a great immune booster, as the Fibre Sweet acts as a prebiotic* (good bug feed). 

Nutritional advantages of the Fibre Fruits:

  • Dairy, yeast, gluten free

  • Have no added sugars, flavours/ colours

  • Made from low glycemic index fruit providing a slow sustained release of fruit sugars

  • One bar gives an adult half of their daily fibre requirements. Research links low fibre diets to increased risk of degenerative disease like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  • Soy flour and protein in the Fibre Fruit provide

isoflavores a nd phytoestrogens proving beneficial in hormone balance and well-being.
  • Oligo saccharides (FOS) added to the Fibre Fruit to add fibre to your diet and make your bowel a friendly place for good bacteria to grow. A healthy bowel is essential for good digestion, immune system function, and detoxification.

  • All the above points are important in maintaining health. Research shows diets high in fibre, low in bad "fats" and sugar lead to less risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes - the biggest health issues in our Western culture. You are what you eat!! Fibre Fruits are a step toward positive health-giving eating habits.

    Fibre Fruits are a stack of 4 layers of soft chewy health leather. Each bar is 45g. 
    Flavours: Mixed , Berry/Cherry , Apricot 

    *Prebiotic - Feeds the good bacteria (bugs) - oligosaccharides (Fibre Sweet) are recognised as the best known prebiotic foods commonly available. The term has only been around for about 10 years when the oligosaccharide range was discovered to be really effective as a food for the good bugs and only the good bugs. This is the criteria for calling it a prebiotic.This is not the case with other sugar alcohols like Malitol and Sorbitol (used in making sugar-free chocolates) which feed both the good and the bad bugs. The oligosaccharides only feed the good gut flora and in particular they boost the levels of bifidus, lactobacillus and acidophilus. 

    Keywords: Gluten Free, Glycemic Index

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    DeSpa Chocolate A range of sugar-free chocolates sweetened with sugar alcohol check for a list of NZ outletsDarrell Lea Milk Chocolate 50g sweetened with SPLENDA available at Healthy Living 16 shops in NZ malls and at most Shell station in greater Wellington area. Great to keep in the hand bag as even if you get carried away and eat the whole bar, it is not going to throw low carbing out too much.


    Low Carb NZ - Fibre Sweet

    My thoughts on this product A necessary edition to a low carb way of eating, often we do not get enough fibre, may help with those who find a rise in cholesterol on low carb, unlike the overseas Fiber Fit this is 95% fibre, tastes good too.


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    The glycemic index measures the ability of a food to raise insulin levels Since Xylitol does not raise insulin levels, you can eat sweet foods containing Xylitol without experiencing blood sugar fluctuations. It differs from other sweeteners such as sorbitol, fructose and glucose because the xylitol molecule has five, instead of six, carbon atoms.


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    Another place which sells and couriers South African stuff is Zebra Zu.You can buy it in a hunk and slice it as you need it, or you can ask for it to be coarsely sliced or sliced thin. If the salty tang is too much for the unaccustomed palate you can dip the slices in a dip made from cream cheese with a slice of avocado mixed in.