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By: Longcoast  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Talent Management, Account Management, Organisational Change

Why do all major corporations have an automated approach to resource planning, yet very few have an automated approach to people development? Surely both of these disciplines are of similar importance to the organisation? The reason is simple. ERP systems are built to deal with hard facts - to process a lot of numbers. It is much easier to build a system that deals with hard data.

Unfortunately, lots of information that exists in a corporation is a mixture of hard and soft data.

Longcoast Systems has a unique architecture that works with "real world data": data that is a mixture of hard facts and soft opinions; data that is incomplete; data that is part actual, part estimate. In other words we build systems that allow corporations to record and interpret the kind of data that exists in areas like account management and talent management. Better organised information means more effective decision making.

Proper use of systems is also a way of ensuring that organisational change reaches right through an organisation. By tightly linking our consultancy services to toolset development, the desktop becomes a way to reinforce the corporation's strategic initiatives.

Toolsets developed by Longcoast Systems are in use in Fortune 100 corporations Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems.

Talent Management System

The Longcoast Talent Management System is a simple, but incredibly powerful software toolset, that empowers all managers to make the right decisions when hiring, managing and developing talent.

Keywords: Account Management, Organisational Change, Talent Management, Talent Management System

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