LTSC Newsletter November 2011

By: Log Truck  05-Apr-2012
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LTSC Newsletter November 2011

Training Pathway:

The Council has now completed the “Training pathway” for Log Truck drivers.

There are 3 stages in the pathway:

Bronze: Minimum 6 months experience in the Industry, this is linked to the completion of the limited credit program (LCP) for Log Truck Drivers, plus 3 successful LTSC approved assessment drives.

Silver: Minimum 3 continuous years in the log transport industry. This status is linked to the National Certificate Transportation of logs by road, or an equivalent Goods Service National Certificate with unit standard 1763 (transport logs by road) as an elective unit standard.

Gold: Minimum of 5 years continuous years log transport industry experience. This status is linked to the National Certificate in Commercial Road Transport (Goods Service Senior Driver)

Each driver will be issued with a booklet (called “A Pathway to Success”) to record and keep records of training received.

LTSC will be advising Transport operators those Assessors who are qualified to deliver training on behalf of the Log Transport Industry. This list is currently being set up and early in the New Year this training initiative will be formally launched.

Fit for the Road - Wanganui

This kicked off in Wanganui on the 1st of November. This program will include truck drivers, transport management and clerical staff which is great.

The last area to complete the program was Tokoroa and this has proved to have been the most successful to date with great support from the Regional Sports body (Sport Waikato) and the Local Authority with the town pools being made available for participants as well as Pool Management completing the individual assessments.

0800 Truck numbers:
The Forest Owners have made mention to the LTSC that they see a lot of log trucks running around the Country without 0800 signs fitted to log trailers. This is a requirement that is laid out in the Log Transport Safety Accord which is an agreement between Forest Owners, Road Transport Forum, Farm Forestry Group and the Log Transport Safety Council which outlines roles and responsibilities of each party.

0800 sign specs are available from the Secretary as well as the unique vehicle ID that is required for the sign.

Do not make up your own vehicle ID number!

Incident Data:
As an Industry we have made good progress in reducing the number of rollover incidents across the Country. Some stats that we finalised recently are:

  • Since the early 1990’s our truck fleet has grown from 300 trucks to 1650 in 2011
  • An increase in truck numbers of  550%,
  • Distance travelled has risen by 450%
  • Rollover incidents per million kilometres has dropped by 687%.
  • Currently rollovers per million KM is 0.32 versus 2.2 rollovers per million KM in 1996.

Fleet Location:
From recent 2011 survey data the 1650 log trucks are based in the following regions:

Annual Subscriptions:
Many thanks to those who have paid their subs. To complete the work that is required to keep our Industry improving its performance as well as developing options to make the job easier for drivers we need all transport operators support.

So if you haven’t paid your sub as yet we would appreciate you paying it and don’t leave the burden to others.

22 metre permits:
These are currently still available to log transport operators.

Please ensure your drivers have their 22 metres in the truck at all times, it is expensive not to do so

Engineering Awards:
The Log Transport Industry was recently advised that the our Industry was awarded first place in the Mechanical and Manufacturing section of the National Engineering awards for our work on the Log Bolster Attachment code. A very good achievement for our Industry and as an Industry we have to thank those Engineers who assisted us in developing the code. A special mention must be made of the work Lincoln Taylor, Geoff Walsh, Alan Fredrickson and John Long did on revising and updating the code in 2010.

If you have an e-mail address and you received this newsletter by the slow postal mail system, could you please advise the Secretary your e-mail address so newsletters etc will be forwarded by this method going forward?

This is cost effective option for the Council.

Engine Brakes:
The 0800 system is getting alot of calls in relation to drivers using their engine brakes in built up areas as well early in the mornings in rural areas, most complainants say the trucks are empty, please have consideration for others, and only use the engine brakes to ensure your safety in these areas.

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