LTSC Newsletter July 2011

By: Log Truck  05-Apr-2012
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LTSC Newsletter July 2011


In any Forestry Operation,

is completely unacceptable.

Breaches of this most Critical Rule is “Serious Misconduct”

“STAY in the agreed SAFE ZONE” at ALL TIMES while Loading or Unloading

Loaders must halt operation before you leave the Safe Zone

Likewise while UNLOADING:


Under no circumstances are extension pins to be lowered before unloading

A recent fatality on the East Coast, where a log rolled off the trailer packet and struck the driver as he lowered the pins, highlights why this matter needs to be treated so seriously.


This was recently held in Rotorua, The Council showed a small financial surplus for the 2010/11 year which is great – given the amount of research work covered off in the yearIn the Chairman’s report Warwick highlighted the increase in growth that has been experienced by our Industry, training new drivers and coping with the ever increasing compliance requirements. Through his period, we have managed to maintain a reasonable history with regard to overall crash rate, but it is now time that the industry lifted the bar further and improved our driving standards.Over the last year, an advanced training pathway has been developed, final details to be signed off in our September meeting.We have also moved forward with pro forma vehicle designs, which offer improved performance and stability.Much of the last years focus has been on chain throwing and load tensioning, as we look to reduce the strain on our drivers, and reduce the risk of injury. There have been some very serious injuries, and we must achieve a result in this area. We would like to thank ACC publically for their support in our search for better options for our drivers.Operators elected to the Council for 2011/12 are:
  • Warwick Wilshier             (Williams and Wilshier Ltd)
  • Mark Mc McCarthy            McCarthy Transport Ltd)
  • Alan Forbes                        (Alan Forbes Transport Ltd)
  • Duncan Borlase            (D J Borlase Transport Ltd)
  • Glen Heybourn            (Stuart Drummond Transport Ltd)
  • Campbell Gilmour            (Dunedin Carrying Co Ltd)
  • Martin Hyde                        (Rotorua Forest Haulage Ltd)
  • Brian Smith                        (Self Loader Logging Ltd)
  • Sean Sparksman            (Mangonui Haulage Ltd)
  • Kevin Turner                        (Smith and Davies Ltd)
  • Craig Stokes                        (Stokes Transport Ltd)
  • Sam Sinclair                        (Holmes Group)
  • Gordon Dahm            (Rob Dahm Ltd)
  • Chris Campbell            (Waimea Carrying Co Ltd)
  • Graham Sheldrake            (G J Sheldrake Ltd)

If you have an issues that you would like the Council to take up please contact any of the above or the LTSC Secretary.

Off Highway Code:The Council had TERNZ review 2 parts of this code - stems rear overhang and the braking requirements.This has now been completed and a copy of the updated code is now available on the LTSC webpage under the research section.The new updated booklet will be printed shortly and distributed to all operators.Fit for the Road - Tokoroa:Currently this is being run in the Tokoroa area. There are 24 participants (16 male & 8 female), and they come from various parts of the operations, truck drivers, Transport operators, weighbridge staff and a loader driver).1 month in and things are still ticking along great - there was only 1 smoker at the start and that person has now given up smoking which is great news.The program has received great support from within the Community. Tokoroa Swimming pools have offered free access to the heated pools for those on the program and along with the support from Sport Waikato on nutrition and operating a special circuit training program 1 night per week.Load Security - Chains:The Council engaged TERNZ to undertake research and evaluate our current practice of throwing chains over loads and then twitching the load downAs an Industry we are still experiencing too many injuries - especially shoulder and back strains, through drivers securing their loads.The results showed that there various methods used to throw chains over loads, but nearly all of them were not healthy options and as an Industry we have to change what we are currently doing to reduce the risk of injury.Currently the law states we must meet 1.0g braking. This means to achieve this we have to use 7.3mm chain – typically 9 heavy chains per multi bolster load!We are looking to apply for a dispensation for our log transport Industry to a braking requirement of 0.8g ( as exists elsewhere throughout the world ) which will allow us to use 6mm chain which is 33% lighter than 7.3mm chain.In early June we trialled 6mm chain and a wire rope/chain combination, as options for load security to a 0.8g braking.Both these options met the 0.8g with only 2 chains per packet. It showed by having a chain over the back bolster and a belly chain secured chassis to chassis that there was no log movement in emergency braking.The big plus in this is that drivers will only have to use 2 chains per packet instead of 3 and these options are 33% lighter.TERNZ are finalising their report so we can go to NZTA and ask for the rule to be changed for our log transport Industry.Webbing was also trialled with auto tensioners, although because there was some log movement the Council believes more work is required with webbing strap before this is an option for us to fully promote.Also - Further work will be done with Harvesting Crews looking at methods of using the loader to take the chains over the load – reducing the need for truck drivers to throw chains at all.Load Security - TwitchesA working group has engaged an engineer to work on development of an improved log transport safety twitch – that should minimise / eliminate the risk of the devastating injuries we have seen in recent years.If you’ve ever had any bright ideas on how it could be done better – now is the time to put up – or Sh*t up?!No idea is too good or too small – as we seek to try and build a safer log transport twitch!Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) – OSH grey book - review:This has now been completed (after 6 years?) and we are waiting for the final draft with our final comments included on this.Basically we have asked that code just directs the Transportation section to the LTSC Industry standards - as we believe these cover everything in the current ACOP – which will be easier for us to maintain & update.22 metre permits:Please ensure your drivers have their 22 metres in the truck at all times, it is expensive not to do soIncident database:The Industry has seen a small reduction of incidents this year, which is pleasing.We still need to be on top of the game, this weather has not been great over the last 2 months and we are only coming into the winter now.Main reason for the rollovers YTD - seems to be drivers taking not taking the correct line through corners, by cutting the corner trailers are tracking into water tables and causing rollovers.Port User Group:The Industry is still meeting the Port Companies on a monthly basis.There have been some reported improvements across several ports?All parties want the same outcome, less delays in the supply chain - so by working together we should get an efficient supply chain working.If you have an e-mail address and you received this newsletter by the slow postal mail system, could you please advise the Secretary your e-mail address so newsletters etc will be forwarded by this method going forward?This is cost effective option for the Council.Secretary’s e-mail address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it On-line Hazard alerts:LTSC has been fortunate to obtain permission from Pam Kirk of TopToons to publish her well recognised safety cartoons into an on-line hazard alerts library on the website for the wider industry to use.Operators are encouraged to go the website and use the alerts others have created from the cartoons – or to put up the alerts they have created – to build a resource of hazards alerts for everyone to use.As well as the existing cartoons – Pam is contactable to commission drawing specific alert – if what you are trying to show – is not in an existing cartoon.

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LTSC Newsletter April 2011

The Log Transport Safety Council and Forest Owners Association are concerned about the number of incidents over the last 2 years where experienced Log Truck drivers have received severe lost time injuries whilst either twitching/ raking down their load or releasing the twitch/rake in the loading / unloading phase. LTNZ has accepted the LTSC’s position regarding the issues with full guards on log trucks.


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If you would like more details on the program please contact the Secretary.Load Security Trial:As part of the effort of reducing the number of injuries driver suffer from throwing chains, LTSC trailed the use of a rope used in the Marine Industry, Unfortunately for our Industry this rope lost 2/3rds of its strength after 6 months use?!.


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Engine Brakes:The 0800 system is getting alot of calls in relation to drivers using their engine brakes in built up areas as well early in the mornings in rural areas, most complainants say the trucks are empty, please have consideration for others, and only use the engine brakes to ensure your safety in these areas.