Cloud Servers, Cloud Application Infrastructure

By: LocalCloud  06-Dec-2011

Quick Facts

  • Management Features have a fixed monthly cost per server.
  • Additional work is billed at our standard per minute rate.
  • You decide who manages your servers.

Whether it's a server upgrade, fault, or DNS hell, we quickly take care of it. It doesn't matter who forgot to do it, or who broke it.


We offer a range of add on features to keep your servers alive and well. You can buy all, some or none of them according to your requirements for each server.

Daily Backup
  • Completed between 6PM and midnight daily
  • File restores only take a few minutes
  • Server restores take up to one hour
  • Choose from retention periods of 7, 14, 30, or 60 days
  • Onsite storage on dedicated backup SAN

Hourly Backup

Designed for SQL databases and other servers with frequent data updates.

  • Replicates the live server every 60 minutes
  • Images retained for 24 or 48 hours
  • File level and complete server restore available
  • Onsite storage on dedicated backup SAN

Second City Backup

Protects against data loss due to a major disaster affecting our Auckland data centre.

  • Completed between midnight and 6AM daily
  • Choose from retention periods of 7, 14, 30, or 60 days
  • Backed up to disk over private ethernet or encrypted Internet circuits
  • Offsite storage in Hamilton or Sydney data centres

Server Monitoring
  • Ping check - is the server alive?
  • Web check - are the correct pages being served?
  • Mail check - is mail being delivered?
  • Storage check - are we low on disk space?

Operating System Updates

Staying current ensures your servers play nicely with the technology they run on. It also helps keep Internet nasties away.

  • Backup is taken before installing updates
  • Updates applied during low activity
  • Restart during agreed maintenance windows