Cloud Servers, Cloud Application Infrastructure

By: LocalCloud  06-Dec-2011

Quick Facts

  • Management Features have a fixed monthly cost per server.
  • Additional work is billed at our standard per minute rate.
  • You decide who manages your servers.

Whether it's a server upgrade, fault, or DNS hell, we quickly take care of it. It doesn't matter who forgot to do it, or who broke it.


We offer a range of add on features to keep your servers alive and well. You can buy all, some or none of them according to your requirements for each server.

Daily Backup
  • Completed between 6PM and midnight daily
  • File restores only take a few minutes
  • Server restores take up to one hour
  • Choose from retention periods of 7, 14, 30, or 60 days
  • Onsite storage on dedicated backup SAN

Hourly Backup

Designed for SQL databases and other servers with frequent data updates.

  • Replicates the live server every 60 minutes
  • Images retained for 24 or 48 hours
  • File level and complete server restore available
  • Onsite storage on dedicated backup SAN

Second City Backup

Protects against data loss due to a major disaster affecting our Auckland data centre.

  • Completed between midnight and 6AM daily
  • Choose from retention periods of 7, 14, 30, or 60 days
  • Backed up to disk over private ethernet or encrypted Internet circuits
  • Offsite storage in Hamilton or Sydney data centres

Server Monitoring
  • Ping check - is the server alive?
  • Web check - are the correct pages being served?
  • Mail check - is mail being delivered?
  • Storage check - are we low on disk space?

Operating System Updates

Staying current ensures your servers play nicely with the technology they run on. It also helps keep Internet nasties away.

  • Backup is taken before installing updates
  • Updates applied during low activity
  • Restart during agreed maintenance windows

Other products and services from LocalCloud


Backup & Replication | LocalCloud

Veeam Backup and Replication to network attached storage is a quantum leap beyond legacy tape based solutions. File level restore, quickly recovers individual files. Backups available in two cities for extra protection. Restores an entire server in minutes.


Network | LocalCloud

Our network is built using world class technology from Juniper Networks Inc. Ethernet to customer premises, delivers the ultimate cloud performance. Multi-homed Internet transit, ensures servers are always visible. VLAN configuration, provides isolation between customer networks.


New Zealand cloud built with vSphere from VMware

Dedicated security appliance with multiple interface firewall, intrusion prevention, site to site and remote access using IPSEC or OpenVPN protocols. Optional management features include operating system and application updates, security appliance setup and firewall configuration. VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus platform with virtual machines running Microsoft Windows or Linux.


Security | LocalCloud

Astaro security appliances from Sophos meet the security challenges of a connected world. Encrypted remote access, data traversing the Internet is safe. Network firewalls, prevent unauthorized network access. TCP SYN, UDP, ICMP flood & port scan protection. SSL and IPSEC clients for all operating systems.


Servers | LocalCloud

As a VMware professional service provider, we have the most advanced virtualization technology available. Cold standby feature for servers with occasional use. No capital outlay, operational expense paid monthly. Flexibility to upgrade as business needs change. High availability to deliver maximum up time. Reserved resources to ensure performance. Windows 2008 R2, others on request.