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By: Loaders  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fertiliser, Gardening Needs, Landscape Project

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We stock Macrocarpa sleepers great for your landscape project

wine barrels

(Currently out of stock) Loaders stocks half and full used wine barrels, half barrels make great planters for larger plants


Come down and see our range of Firth pavers


Arrowtown schist construction sizes great for walls and water features also available in paving sizes


Golden bay GP cement is ideal for use in structural concrete, mortars and renders

weed mat

We stock a great range of weed mat (woven and non-woven) also plastic and steel weed mat pins, and a range of shade cloth, windbreak and shade sails


We stock locally sourced 8ft pongas contact us to check availability

living earth

We stock the reward liquid fertiliser range

pre-mix concrete bags

Ready to use, 15min rapid set, 45 min rapid set and mortar mix available in store


We have a great range of fertiliser for all your gardening needs

grass seed

With Burnets grass seed together with Loaders' topsoil or living earth lawn mix you can grow great grass

EZ street / QPR

EZ street / QPR cold asphalt, is an advanced pothole repair mix that is easy to use and gives great results

Keywords: Fertiliser, Gardening Needs, Landscape Project, Mortar Mix, Weed Mat

Other products and services from Loaders


Products | Loaders Landscape Supplies Wanganui

Our topsoil is blended and screened to produce a loam that is suited to heavy or light soils and we stock premium living earth compost products in bags and in bulk. Produced from Loaders' own quarry, shellrock is available in three sizes and can be used as base course for roads, driveways, paving, paths etc. We stock builders mix for concrete, river sand for paving and plastering, white beach sand for plastering and sandpits.


Services | Loaders Landscape Supplies Wanganui

The company undertakes a range of civil contracting, including roading, drainage and land development work. ID Loader Limited is a well established privately owned Civil Contractor operating in Wanganui. Loaders has a prompt service to the Wanganui area 6 days a week. We have 6 free loan trailers available 7 days a week. Stat Holidays 9:00 - 3:00.


Topsoil Compost | Loaders Landscape Supplies Wanganui

After the mushrooms have been harvested the spent compost is super heated to 70°C to kill fungal spores and anything else that may be present, this makes mushroom compost an excellent weed free mulch. Mushroom compost is best used as mulch on top of the garden letting the worms break it down because freshly dug in, it can rob the soil of nitrogen and the plants can perform poorly.


Bark | Loaders Landscape Supplies Wanganui

20mm - 10mm bark chip is a finer grade, high quality, long life bark used for decorative gardens. Cambark is a softer, stringier bark very effective for suppressing weeds. Mushroom compost is a particularly good mulch for clay or sandy soils.


Stone | Loaders Landscape Supplies Wanganui

40mm - 20mm Rangitikei River stone used as drainage stone or for decorative use. Attractive 200mm - 400mm volcanic stone for gabion baskets and decorative use. 100mm - 40mm Rangitikei River stone for decorative use in larger gardens. Large white limestone chip used as a decorative stone.


Shellrock | Loaders Landscape Supplies Wanganui

AP40 crushed shellrock is a versatile base course material that can be used for roading or driveways, paths or site prep. AP20 crushed shellrock is particularly good for paths and for finish preparation of a base course material. Shellrock spalls are oversized rocks particularly good for building walls or used for edging. Shellrock fines is a good product for finish preparation of a base cource material.


Sand | Loaders Landscape Supplies Wanganui

Versatile course washed Rangitikei River sand used in a mortar mix for sand pits and for bedding pavers. Fine white beach sand very good for plastering and wonderful for kids sandpits. Loaders fill sand is an excellent low cost product used for filling. White sand has excellent sand castle making properties.