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By: $lm Group  06-Dec-2011
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$LM Group offer a range of business services.

Bank Mediation - repairing the banking relationship, getting the Bank back as a partner, not your enemy. Showing you how to train your Bank properly. Sourcing a new banker if needed.

Bank Tender - Get the Banks to apply to have your business rather than you apply to them. Get leaner, cost effective offers of banking and get it right from the start. Get the right structure and correct amount of debt in the business to achieve your goals.

Bank Offer Assessment - Know that the offer you have is the best one. Know the points to negotiate. Be told the true COST of your offer of finance, know the hidden costs.

Banking Review - Get your banking reviewed to suit your business. Be shown the efficiencies to make and where you can save money, turn off that leaky tap of cash. Ensure your banking fits with your objectives. One off or regular ongoing review options available.

Applications for finance - Give your application the best chance of being agreed to. Get a comprehensive report to show the Bankers - structured the way THEY want to see it so they can understand it quickly and make a quick decision.

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Keywords: Bank, Banking, Banking Review