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By: Lloyd Research  06-Dec-2011
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fxRAPIDO and M9000 Gang Programmers

There are two similar looking programmers available from Lloyd Research (Projects) Ltd but that is where the similarity ends! The newer fxRAPIDO is much faster and supports larger flash memory than the M9000. Both are ideal for programming popular microcontrollers such as Microchip PICs and Atmel AVRs

The M9000 is recommended for small micro controllers such as Microchip PICs, Hitachi / Renesas H8s and 68HC705 and 908s from Motorola / Freescale. It also supports eproms and flash memory up to 32M bits.

The fxRAPIDO is a much faster programmer which makes it ideal for programming flash memory as well as small micros and eproms. It is fitted with a USB port which is about ten times faster than a 115K baud link to a PC. Also, increasingly PCs are not fitted with RS232 ports. Although the fxRAPIDO can be used stand alone, the PC utility supplied makes it easy for unskilled operators to repeat a job.

Both models can operate with or without a PC. Data can be loaded from a master device or downloaded from a PC using our PC software which runs under Windows 98, 2000 and XP, etc.

A range of over 100 socket modules supports different packages and device families. Many of these socket modules can be used on both the M9000 and fxRAPIDO models. Both programmers can be fitted with either two identical socket modules providing a maximum of eight programming sites OR two different socket modules. As each socket module is coded, it is not possible to use the wrong socket module and all sockets are mounted horizontally which is important for surface mount parts.

Finally, both programmers are suitable for incorporation into automated systems. In particular, we have provided programmers to companies specialising in mechanical handling for the high speed programming of serial eeproms.

’In Circuit’ Programmers for Micro Controllers

We can offer a number of solutions for ’In circuit’ programming depending on the parts being programmed.

F5000 Fast In circuit programmer
The F5000 can program almost any micro controller or memory which has a serial interface at high speed without a PC.

The target data and the programming algorithm can be down loaded to the F5000’s flash memory in seconds using USB to set up the programmer. Once set up, no PC is needed.

An optically isolated interface and small size makes it easy to install in an ATE system. A push button is fitted for manual use.

The internal flash can store up to seven different data sets making it possible to program different code into either the same or different targets without any reconfiguring.

The F5000 can also be used as a field service tool.

Renesas / Hitachi H8s and H8S processors
The H8000 programmer has been designed to program a single board after ATE testing. As it is fitted with an optically isolated logic interface, it can easily be built into an ATE system. No PC is needed which speeds up and simplifies programming. It is recommended for medium to high volume production.


The ONBP100 programs eproms, eeproms, flash memories or microcontrollers on assembled boards. It can also be used to program special purpose memory modules such as OBRMs. Typical applications are Avionics systems where eproms have to be soldered to the board. The programmer can cater for 8, 16 or 32 bit systems with or without parity. Purpose designed plug-in adaptors cater for each board type. The programmer is fitted with six power supplies to cater for almost all circumstances.

The programmer is supported by a Windows ’Job manager’ program. An administrator mode is used to set up a job which can then be run in ’operator’ mode. A log file can be generated to record what happens each time the job is run.

Precis of ONBP100 programmer facilities:-

  • Ideal replacement for old board programmers which are no longer supported
  • Fast data download over USB port
  • Large (128M bit) ram
  • Can also be used to program memory boards such as OBRMs with 5V or 3V flash/eproms. Access time testing can be supported as required
  • Universal line supply means that the ONBP100 can be used almost anywhere
  • Full technical support

NATO STOCK NUMBER: NSN 6625-99-133-5709

Field Service Eeprom Programmer

The PC2400 programmer is ideal for reprogramming non volatile memories (NVMs) in TV sets. Parts can either be programmed in situ or as components. Both DIL and SO parts are supported by the in circuit programming lead supplied. The programmer is hosted by a PC over a USB link making it ideal for use with modern portable PCs which may not have an RS232 port.

The PC2400 can be used to program almost any 5 or 3V system containing I²C components.

Keywords: Field Service, Flash Memory, Mechanical Handling, Programmer