Just Sayin

By: Live Queenstown  05-Apr-2012

The country is being blanketed by a big storm…and Queenstown is no exception. Except in our case, it means more skiing and playing in the snow. We were without power for about four hours, but other than that, no problems.

So after a big old case of cabin fever….we put on our snow gear and went outside to throw some snowballs and make some snow angels. Took some persuasion to get the kids back inside the house…but nothing a warm cup of hot chocolate, yes with mini marshmellow can’t handle. Another reason for loving and LIVING in Queenstown!

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The significant slowdown in the number of sales, and the delays in the overall sales process in Christchurch following the earthquake mean that the QV residential price index cannot yet be used to measure the change in property values after the earthquake.